Will a Strobing Light or High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work on a Rat?

Lately, the market has been flooded by all types of electronic repellent machines which utilize light or high pitched sounds to remove any type of pests from a certain location. Purely, scientifically speaking, low length wave sounds are supposed to drive the rats away, additionally, such machines are environmentally friendly and safe when using. After all, the majority of home owners is unaware of how to properly remove a rat from their property and would definitely not want to deal with a dead body of the latter. This solution, however, seems too good to be true and the claimed efficiency of the ultrasound is highly exaggerated for sale purposes, thus it is important to be careful when contemplating of whether or not you should buy one.

How Does the Machine Work?

The main idea is that the machine will emit a certain type of light of a powerful sound which should cause major pain and/or discomfort to the pest. The high-frequency sounds, which are modifiable, should induce stress into the animal, making it flee for its life by spiking his primal self-preserving instinct. The device is supposed to drive the rat away, making it never look back at the location.

The Actual Effects

As with any other type of pest controlling machine, these also must undergo the supervision of a government authority. The latter have to address major doubt when it comes to the actual effectiveness of the machine. There is no guarantee that the machine will work at all, nor show positive results. There’s a variety of reported situations in which a person spends a large quantity of money on the “innovative” electronic only to waste his time, money and find himself in the same situation prior to buying the machine. In reality, the pests could quickly adjust to the wave lengths of the emitted sounds and not get bothered by them at all. Even if the machine manages to initially drive the pests away, there is no guarantee that they won't come back a few hours later.

An additional concern comes for the people who own dogs. It is common knowledge that dogs have much well-developed hearing than people, meaning the dog owners should isolate the dog away from the machine in case that they do decide to try its effect, otherwise it could cause major damage to their pet.

Professional pest control units advise to stay away from such types of machines and use the conventional ways of pest removal, through chemical compounds, traps, and exclusion devices. They have proven to be much more effective and efficient over the course of times and currently don’t have a better alternative.

There’s no reason to fall for the false claims of money hungry companies, trying to sell inefficient short-term solutions to people in need and distress.

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