Our Wildlife Removal Services

Sometimes, it is possible to handle wildlife-related problems yourself, but in other situations, you need some professional help. Those times when you need expert assistance, we can help you out with a wide range of services. We always opt for effective, humane methods that produce results which last. Whether you need to get a wild animal out of your home, want to prevent one from coming inside, or need to clean up the mess left behind, we are here for you.

Here is a list of our common services. Click to read more:
Wildlife Trapping with Live Cage Traps
Repairing Buildings And Homes To Keep Out Wild Animals
Wildlife Prevention
Inspecting Your House To Find Wild Animal Entry Holes
Attic Cleanup After Wildlife
Wildlife Odor Control Methods
Dead Animal Removal
Wildlife Emergencies

Making Home Repairs To Prevent Wild Animals From Entering
One of our most popular services is making repairs in your home as a way to keep out wild animals. Some homeowners overlook the importance of this task but wild animals can be highly intelligent and determined to find shelter – after all, it is a matter of life and death for them. Any expert will tell you that the only sure way to keep wildlife out of your home is to ensure that they don’t have a way of getting inside.

This is where we come in. We can evaluate your home for areas that would be attractive for wild animals and block them off. Between our experienced eyes and high-quality materials, you can count on our repairs to keep unwanted animals.

Inspecting Your Home For Wild Animal Entry Points
We don’t just inspect homes to make repairs and prevent wild animals from getting inside. If there is already an animal inside your property, we can inspect the area to figure out how they got inside. We know which areas are the most likely entry points and can spot signs of animal use, such as food, droppings, and scratches, depending on the animal in question.

Trapping Wildlife
Our team can expertly use live traps to catch wildlife that has invaded your home or garden and remove them. We already have a selection of live cage traps that are perfect for animals of all sizes, such as raccoons, armadillos, skunks, and groundhogs. Our trapping methods are effective, catching the animal in a minimal amount of time. Afterwards, we will take care of relocating the wild animal to a safe location at a reasonable distance and help you with home repairs to keep out more wildlife.

Cleaning And Decontaminating Attic
Our work isn’t necessarily done just because we have gotten the wild animals out of your home or attic. If you choose to, you can also hire us to clean and decontaminate your attic. This job has to be done and most homeowners simply don’t have the tools necessary to complete it or want to deal with the mess. Our team will wear the proper protective and respiratory gear and thoroughly sanitize your attic. We use enzymatic cleaners that reach every nook and cranny and thoroughly break down bacteria and other microscopic problems associated with wildlife.

Controlling Wildlife Odor
Because of our expertise in dealing with wild animals as well as our cleaning tools, we are able to get rid of or at least control wildlife odor. We have various cleaning methods up our sleeves as well as various sprays and more to help control a wildlife odor that you find unpleasant, whether it is inside your home or directly outside.

Removing Dead Animals
Any time that you suspect there is a dead animal in your home, give us a call to locate it for you. To those without experience, finding a dead animal can be very hit or miss, but we have the knowledge necessary to locate and remove the animals safely. We may ask you where you last heard the animal moving and if you have any clues as to what type of animal it is. We will also use our observation skills and sense of smell to narrow down the location of the wild animal. From there, we are able to make a small hole in the wall or ceiling to remove the animal without you ever having to come into contact with it. We will also take care of the animal disposal so you can be rid of the smell right away.

Wildlife Emergencies
Sometimes it can be hard to tell what counts as a wildlife emergency, but if you feel you have one, we are here for you. Some of the more obvious emergency situations occur when a wild animal has somehow gotten inside your home. This can be a bat getting stuck inside and repeatedly flying down, a squirrel falling into the chimney and escaping out the fireplace into your home, a raccoon coming in your cat door, or something else. We will always do our best to help you out in the case of a wildlife emergency.

When it comes down to it, our team can help you with nearly any type of service you require related to wildlife. We can help you keep them out, help get rid of them, and do everything in between.

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