Dead Animal Removal - Professional Services

As professionals in wildlife removal, we assist clients with getting rid of animals, whether they are alive or dead. Removing dead animals can be a challenging process at times and it always requires safety precautions, but we are well-equipped to deal with the obstacles. With our assistance, you will be able to get the dead animal out of your property quickly, giving the odors more time to dissipate and preventing them from getting worse.

Why Leave Dead Animal Removal To The Pros
Some homeowners are tempted to remove a dead animal by themselves, but it is almost always smarter to leave it to the experts like us. There is always a risk of disease associated with handling deceased animals as they may contain the same bacteria and other disease-causing agents as live ones. We already have the necessary protective gear and know which safety precautions are necessary, allowing us to remove the dead animal without a risk of disease.

Our expertise also makes it much easier for us to find the dead animal than it is for the average homeowner. In most cases, wildlife living in your attic, under your porch, or in your walls will not make it easy to find them. Animals tend to find a cozy spot to die and while that is comforting for them, it makes their bodies very hard to find and reach. You could find yourself knocking down walls at random to find the dead animal, but our experience allows us to make educated guesses to determine their location. By hiring us to remove the dead animal, you won’t have to worry about disposal either; we take care of everything.

How We Find the Animal
The biggest nuisance associated with dead animals is also the easiest way to find them: their strong odor. As the animal begins to decay, it will give off a foul odor that gets worse over time. The odor tends to be stronger with larger animals since there is more flesh to decay.

When we come to your home to remove the animal, we will of course ask you if you know more or less where it is. This will save time and effort. If you don’t know, there is no need to worry. We will follow our nose to determine where the smell is strongest. We then combine these olfactory clues with knowledge of the animal in question and its behavior. This lets us know if it is more likely to be in the wall, ceiling, or even in a ventilation duct.

Once we are reasonably certain we know where the animal is, we may need to make a small hole in your ceiling or wall to reach it. We always make efforts to keep these holes as small as possible as that minimizes the repairs you will need to have done to your home, something we will take care of as well.

Common Locations For Dead Animals
Perhaps the most common area that we remove dead animals form is the attic. It is very common for wildlife to take shelter in the attic and it can be particularly challenging to find dead animals there, particularly if they hide under insulation. Other times, animals will either live within the walls and die there or fall down a wall, be unable to get back up, and die.

It is not that common to find a dead animal in the chimney, but it is possible. This is particularly true of chimneys with slicker flues as animals won’t be able to climb back down. Despite what you think, we almost never find dead animals in ducts; if you think they are there because of the smell, we will trace the airflow to discover where they are. We can also crawl underneath your house or porch to remove dead animals there.

Removing The Animal
When we find the dead animal, we will wear the proper protective gear to remove it. At the very least, this includes a filter mask and gloves. We frequently avoid touching the animal directly with the gloves as an additional safety precaution, instead using tools to grab it. We will double bag the animal in question and then take care of the necessary cleanup. Most dead animals are accompanied by juices, maggots, and other residuals. Our team has cleaners designed to tackle these challenges and decontaminate the area thoroughly.

Disposing Of The Dead Animal
In addition to removing the dead animal for you, we take care of disposal. This way, you do not have to contact your local waste disposal company to figure out if you are legally allowed to throw it out with your garbage. You also won’t have to deal with the smell of the carcass until garbage day or drive it to another location, burn, or bury it. We are familiar with the local regulations regarding wildlife disposal and take care of everything for you.

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