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Professional Services - Wildlife Odor Control Methods
As wildlife professionals, we have experience dealing with all types of issues, from physically removing the wild animals to getting rid of the odors they leave behind. A large number of clients prefer to have us apply wildlife odor control methods following an animal eviction so they have less to deal with and we are happy to do so.

We Know The Best Methods
You could try to get rid of the wildlife odors yourself using remedies that you find online, but our experts will have better results. We have years of experience working with wild animals and during this time, we have discovered which odor removal methods work and which are simply rumors or gimmicks. Because of this, we are able to successfully get rid of the odors you are dealing with in a timely manner and with minimal effort. Best of all, you won’t be the one who has to put up with the smell while applying sprays and other control methods – we’ll take care of it for you.

Situations When Odor Removal Becomes Necessary
We have dealt with a wide range of situations in which clients request help getting rid of odors from wildlife. We help both homeowners and business owners and can work to eliminate completely or dramatically reduce the odor associated with any animal. In some cases, the odor removal services will be necessary following evicting an animal, another service we offer. Other times, clients will hire us to remove a dead animal in their building and then take care of the smell. While dead animals tend to create an even worse odor than living ones, deodorization is still necessary following an eviction due to the smell of fur, waste, and other items animals bring with them.

Odor Removal Begins With Thorough Sanitization
The first step in controlling the odor of wild animals is to get the animal out of the area, if this hasn’t already been done. Otherwise, the animal will keep emitting the odor, making any efforts completely useless. After removing the wildlife, our next step will be to thoroughly clean the area. We use powerful enzymatic cleaners to decontaminate spaces like attics. While these are designed to break down bacteria and prevent disease, they have the added benefit of reducing the odor to some extent. During sanitization, we will also confirm whether your insulation, dry wall, or wood has been coated in urine or other substances and needs to be replaced. Doing so will reduce the smell. In some cases, this will be all the homeowner requires, but we have plenty more tricks up our sleeves.

Other Odor Removal Methods We Use
If the area with the animal odor has them, one of our first steps will be to open up the windows. This allows the air to flow and encourages the smell to dissipate naturally. We have chemicals, such as enzymatic cleaners, we use as well as some home remedies we can suggest. Bleach will sometimes successfully get rid of the odor, but the downside is that you need to use a very strong dilution of it to actually eliminate the odor instead of just covering it. It can also pose health risks and damage walls, even corroding stainless steel.

In our experience, some homeowners will also try applying a paste made from baking soda with water. You would apply this paste and then let it dry, theoretically eliminating the odor. This does work sometimes, but not always and should only be done after an enzymatic cleaner is used as it only deodorizes, not cleans.

One of our preferred methods for eliminating wildlife odors is via an ozone generator. Professional car cleaners actually use these tools as they break down the odor molecules within the air. The best option, in our opinion, however, is to simply ensure that every bit of waste left by the animal (as well as maggots and juices in the case of dead animals) is removed. As these items are the source of the odor, eliminating them removes its source. Eventually, the smell will dissipate.

We don’t recommend relying on temporary solutions such as air fresheners unless you have already had us remove the animal in question and thoroughly clean the area. An air freshener will only cover up the bad smell, not help it go away. You can, however, use this method during the brief time between when we finish sanitizing the area and the smell completely disappears. You may also see some temporary results from enzymatic candles that are created to get rid of pet odors as well as ionic air cleaners.

Remember that the sooner you contact us to control the wildlife odors on your property, the sooner we will be able to use the cleaning tools at our disposal and make your home smell nice again.

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