Clean And Decontaminate An Attic After Wild Animals Are Evicted

Just because you have evicted the wildlife from your attic, that doesn’t mean that your work is done. You will likely need to make some repairs as the animals probably caused damage to insulation, wood, or other items. Before you can do this, however, you will need to clean up the attic and decontaminate the space.

Importance Of Cleaning And Decontamination
The reasons for cleaning and decontaminating your attic following removal of a wild animal go on and on. To start with, you simply want your home to always be clean; most homeowners take pride in their property and the attic should be no exception. Of course, there is also the risk of odor. If you leave the attic alone, along with the animal waste products and food remnants, the space will quickly begin to smell – if it doesn’t already. In addition to being annoying for your nose and that of anyone who visits you, that smell can attract other unwanted wildlife along with maggots and flies.

Cleaning your attic thoroughly is a safety measure as well. Most wildlife can carry disease and this can range from something minor like fleas or ticks to a more serious issue such as histoplasmosis. The exact risks depend on the animal that was living in your attic, but a thorough decontamination can always eliminate those concerns. As a liquid, urine left in the attic increases the risk of mold.

Don’t forget that it will also be impossible to effectively inspect the attic and make necessary repairs if it is dirty. You will need a professional to examine your attic unless you have a great deal of carpentry experience. Unfortunately, you will be hard-pressed to find a contractor willing to inspect and make repairs to your attic when it is still filled with animal waste.

We Always Take Safety Precautions
Our team understands the importance of safety while cleaning attics and decontaminating them. After all, those risks of disease mentioned above are always a concern if precautions are not taken. To prevent complications, we will always wear HEPA filter masks as well as a biohazard suit to keep our crew members safe. Additionally, we use removal methods that will not stir up bacteria that could harm your family.

Our Removal Methods
Although our cleaning methods will vary slightly depending on the animals that were in your attic as well as the type of waste and damage they left in their wake, our general procedure is always the same. If possible, we will begin by vacuuming up droppings, particularly in the case of smaller animals where it simply isn’t practical to gather the droppings by hand. When vacuuming, we always opt for a heavy-duty machine capable of handling the task and with a filter to prevent the spread of contaminated air. In the case of larger animal droppings, we will remove them by hand, while using rubber gloves to protect ourselves.

Our Decontamination Methods
We only begin decontamination once we are positive that every dropping and piece of damaged insulation along with other ruined items is removed from the attic. We have a range of strong enzymatic cleaners at our disposal that are designed to work with biohazards, killing pathogens as well as breaking down grease and animal waste. To apply these products effectively in every single spot throughout the attic, we use a fogging machine. This piece of equipment turns the liquid cleaner into a mist that can then settle into every area of the attic.

We Offer This Service Whether Or Not We Removed The Animals
While some companies will only provide cleaning and decontamination services to customers who already hired them to remove the animals from the attic, we are not so limited. Our team can clean and decontaminate your attic regardless of whether we were the ones to remove the animals, you hired someone else to do the job, or you did it yourself. While we obviously prefer that you hire us for every step of the wildlife removal and cleaning process, our primary goal is customer satisfaction. As such, leaving you with a completely clean attic that is free from odors and diseases is our priority.

Your Attic Is Left Completely Clean
When we finish our decontamination and cleaning, your attic will be spotless. You will not see any droppings or urine stains. There will be no insulation with urine on it left. Additionally, because of our thorough cleaning methods and the enzymatic cleaners we choose, your attic will be free from odors by the time we leave. This last factor is crucial since any pheromones that are left may attract new wildlife to your attic.

For assistance cleaning and decontaminating your attic following removal of animals, simply contact our team. In some cases, our services may even be covered by your insurance so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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