Repairing Buildings And Homes To Keep Out Wild Animals

A professional service for wildlife that is frequently overlooked is repairing homes and other buildings as a way to keep wild animals out. Anyone with experience dealing with wildlife will tell you that the only sure method of keeping wild animals out of your home is preventing them from getting inside. This means ensuring that there is not a single potential entry point anywhere in your home.

We Conduct A Thorough Inspection
When making repairs to your building as a preventative measure for stopping wildlife, we will always begin with a thorough inspection. Due to our experience and knowledge of each type of wildlife, we know how much room these creatures need to get inside. Since rodents can fit in spaces as small as a quarter, we will likely suggest sealing up every single gap or hole in your building’s exterior.

In addition to obvious holes in walls or the roof, we pay close attention to potential gaps by vents, pipes, windows, and doors. We will also inspect your roof for gaps by the eaves or an open chimney that animals can enter.

Confirm That No Animals Are Present
Before we make the actual repairs to your building, we will ensure that there are not currently any animals present. This is a crucial step as you do not want to have your home sealed up completely with animals trapped inside. This will lead to their death in an inhumane fashion and leave you with a rotting carcass to remove, a stinky and disgusting issue. Luckily, our experience working with wildlife allows us to recognize the signs of an active den so we can accurately and quickly determine whether animals are present before making preventative repairs.

In some cases, a homeowner will hire us to make repairs as a preventative measure only to discover that there are actually already animals within their building. In this situation, we will likely seal up most entry points and then opt for humane removal methods, such as trapping and relocation or exclusion depending on the animal, to get rid of the wildlife.

After that, we can make the planned repairs to prevent more animals from entering your home. We may also suggest related services, such as attic cleanup and decontamination.

Use High-Quality Materials That Animals Cannot Get Through
The specific materials that we use when making repairs to your building will vary. Our recommendations will be impacted by the materials used in the building itself, the size of the hole or gap, where the gap is located, and what type of animal we are concerned about entering. Regardless of the situation, we always opt for high-quality materials that are nearly impossible or completely impossible for wildlife to get through. Our goal is to always complete the repairs in such a way that they will not need to be repeated in the future and will continue to protect your home from wildlife invaders for years to come.

Will Offer Suggestions For Other Preventative Methods
The main aspect of this particular professional service is actually completing the home repairs, but our team will take additional steps to help you keep wild animals away. We will make suggestions of things you can do within your home and on your property to discourage animals.

In nearly every case, this will involve removing any potential foods as these can serve as attractants. We typically suggest keeping your pet food inside or in a securely closed container, ensuring your garbage cans are tightly sealed, cleaning up fallen nuts and fruit regularly, and keeping the interior of your home clean as well. This last step prevents rodents from being attracted to crumbs inside.

When To Hire Us For Home Repairs As Prevention
There is no bad time to hire our team to take care of home repairs and keep out wild animals. In the best case scenario, we will simply inspect your property and determine there is no way for animals to get inside, meaning you don’t need any repairs.

Most situations, however, will call for at least minor repairs. It is a smart idea to have us perform this type of inspection and the associated repairs at least every few years, if not more often. Remember that as your house ages, it will experience wear and tear that can leave certain areas open for animal access.

You should also contact us anytime that you notice a large hole or gap somewhere on your property and are concerned that wildlife may use this as a way to get inside. Whether you know that no animals are present or believe some may be, we are able to help you. The only difference will be whether we have to remove the wildlife before completing the repairs. Remember that anytime you have removed wildlife from your home or hired us to do so, you will need to make repairs to prevent more animals from taking their place.

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