Types Of Wildlife Emergencies We Handle

As wildlife professionals, we offer a wide range of services to our clients. Generally, we will do most of our jobs during the day, whether it is getting animals out of an attic, helping homeowners inspect their home for entry points, or cleaning up a space after evicting the animals. At times, however, our clients need our services at all hours, which is why we also handle wildlife emergencies.

Removing Animals Inside The Home
Probably the most common type of wildlife emergency that our team handles is evicting an animal that is actually within the rooms of house. While wildlife in the attic or under the porch can typically wait until morning, that is not true of a squirrel running through your living room or a bird flying through your hallways.

We’ve seen our fair share of animals within the home and always successfully remove it. If you have a pet flat, a raccoon may enter your house and not find its way out. Or maybe your chimney isn’t capped and a squirrel fell down it before getting loose in your home. Other times, snakes may enter your home through a small gap or a bat somehow gets inside and flies around.

Since you don’t get to choose when an animal gets into the living spaces of your home, we are here for you to provide emergency removal. We’ll use the same techniques we would if you called during the day and can get the wildlife in question out quickly.

Sick Wild Animals
At times, a nearby wild animal that is sick will require emergency attention, depending on the problem. If, for example, you believe there is a rabid animal on your property, you won’t want to leave your home in the morning with it still there so this qualifies as an emergency. Use some personal judgement when it comes to calling us for sick wild animals outside of regular business hours; if you think it can wait, call us in the morning. Otherwise, give us a call and we will let you know whether you have anything to worry about and then come out and take care of the issue for you.

Offering Emergency Advice
When we take your call about an animal within your living space, we won’t just leave you to your own devices until we arrive. While on the phone with you, we will let you know how soon we can get there and give you advice as to what to do in the meantime. This typically involves leaving the animal alone and not cornering it. We will likely suggest you either limit its movement to a group of rooms by closing doors or at least watch where it goes so we know exactly where to find it when we arrive. This will also minimize the risk of the animal damaging multiple rooms of your home.

Anything You Consider To Be An Emergency
Everyone has a slightly different definition of an emergency. While some people will be fine spending the night with a squirrel locked up in their kitchen and wait to call us until the morning, not everyone feels that way – and we don’t blame you. If you honestly believe that you are in need of our normal services in an emergency time frame, give us a call.

Just be aware that if your “emergency” is that there is a raccoon outside your home with no way of the animal getting inside, we will likely disagree with you about it being an emergency and have you call us back during business hours to schedule an appointment. In the case of situations we don’t deem to be emergencies, like a wild animal on the edge of your property, we may also give you some very quick advice over the phone, but will strongly suggest an appointment for us to deal with the issue in person.

Following Up Emergencies
In the case of wildlife emergencies in the middle of the night, we will do our best to get the job done very quickly. Unfortunately, we can’t typically do more than a cursory inspection of your home to figure out how the animal got inside after removing it. Because of this, we like to follow up after emergency services. We’ll either schedule an appointment before leaving your home at the time of the emergency or call you the next morning to do so. The appointment will be scheduled for as soon as possible so you don’t have a repeat emergency.

No matter the time of day, feel free to give us a call if you have a wildlife emergency. We will take care of it as soon as possible so you can get on your life without worrying about an animal running through your home or another serious issue.

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