What Should I Do If I Find an Orphaned Baby Squirrel Wandering About?

Should you find a baby squirrel in your home or on the bush, don’t kill it because this is a harmless creature. In many countries, it is an offense to kill a wildlife creature that is not imposing any harm or danger of any kind to you and your home. If you caught the baby squirrel’s mother without knowing that it had an infant, the best way is to ensure that you take it to the orphanage because it could end up starving if you stay with it for long. Below are some of the steps to take should you find a baby squirrel wandering about.

Put the Baby Squirrel in a Special Case

Sometimes the mothers drop their children as they seek for food to come and feed them. The young squirrels tend to explore the surrounding, and as a result, they get lost. In most of these cases, the mothers look for their babies and find them. If you find the squirrel wandering and you are afraid that it might be caught by its predators, it is good to put it in an open case. A box is enough to make the baby squirrel away from its predators. You can hang the box in a nearby tree branch for the mother to come and find it. You need to keep checking the box to see if the baby squirrel has been taken away and if not, make sure that you call the animal orphanage.

What to Do If the Baby Squirrel Is Injured

Place the animal in a small cardboard box make it feel comfortably by putting a heating pad if you have one. Do not shake the box and minimize the movement to avoid stimulating the pain in it. When an animal is injured, do not feed it but instead, give it water through a dropper. Wild animals do not tolerate cow’s milk so you should not offer the baby squirrel cow’s milk at any point because this will cause serious digestive problems. You should call either the veterinary officer or the orphanage office so that the animal gets the best treatment. An injured animal can acquire infection and die within a very short time so you should ensure that you act quickly to save it from the pain and suffering. You can as well take it to the orphanage if it is not far from where you have captured the animal.

To conclude, wandering baby squirrels should be well captured and handed over to the appropriate wildlife department so that they get the best care. Killing them might lead to court fines so you must make sure that you play your part to make the animal stay alive and well. You can call wildlife animal evacuation experts to come and take the animal to the orphanage if you are afraid of catching it by yourself. The good thing is that baby squirrels are harmless so even if you catch them with your bare hands, you won’t get any injury.

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