How Do I Know If There Are Baby Squirrels in the Attic?

You may think that squirrels are wild animals that build their nests into the wild. However, today’s world when human intervenes in nature way too much, squirrels have no choice. Many wild animals find it more and more difficult to build a safe nest for their young ones.

This is why you may find yourselves hosting a baby nest at your attic. Squirrels, due to their small size, find it very easy to enter your attic. Once they are there, the quiet and warm environment might inspire them to build their nest there. So, how do you know for sure if you have a squirrels’ nest?

How to Check Your House

The first signs that you may be visited by squirrels are the sound of skittering and scratching over your head. If this is a regular thing, then you should first go outside of your house. Check for penetrating spots that the squirrels might have used to enter your attic. See if there are several entry points to your attic and anywhere else in your house.

Now, this is uncommon, but while you are outside, you may actually see some grown squirrels. Try to track them down, without spotting you. Perhaps you will get to see them carry food inside your attic. This definitely means that their babies are inside your house. Since squirrels prefer to eat outside, there is only one reason why they would carry the food inside. They need to feed their babies.

Female Squirrel

If you have spotted a female squirrel always near your attic, use some binoculars to inspect her further. Does she have extended nipples? Then this is a strong hint that she is nursing her babies. Ideally, you would be able to trap the female and then search with safety for the nest in order to transfer her and her babies elsewhere. But this can be a challenging task.

Specific Time Period

If a female squirrel chooses your attic now for a nest, you will not hear anything yet, not for another 6 or 7 weeks. When the babies are born, and they are in the early stages, they do not move around or scratch anything. So, you might have a nest for quite some time before you come to realize it.

Removing Them

There are two options, you can attempt to get rid of them while they are very young or wait until they are able to move around on their own. In the first case, you will probably need the help of a professional since it is a very challenging task.

In the second case, you only have to be patient for a few weeks, since pretty soon the young ones will leave their mother. After the family is gone, make sure you seal all entrances to your attic and the rest of the house to prevent such events in the future.

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