What is the Best Bait to Trap a Raccoon?

When you are thinking about trapping a raccoon, it is not just the trap that affects if you catch the raccoon. A live trap is the most humane method of catching raccoons. The problem is that live traps can also catch other animals, like the neighbor’s cat or a skunk.

Raccoons will eat just about anything. However, you need to be careful when you pick your bait because many other animals like the same foods as raccoons. This is why you should look for baits that are appealing to raccoons, but not appealing to other animals. Here are some suggestions for the best bait to trap raccoons.

1. Marshmallows

Surprisingly raccoons love marshmallows. Marshmallows are one of the best baits because they do not attract most unwanted species. Large marshmallows are recommended because it is difficult for the raccoon to take it from the trap without entering the trap themselves. Raccoons can easily figure out a way of getting small marshmallows out by using their paws and the sides of the trap.

2. Whole Egg

A single fresh egg that is not cracked and uncooked can be good bait for raccoons. Most other animals that live near our homes do not eat eggs, so the only other animal that you may catch is a snake. The egg needs to be behind the trigger pan, so you need to make sure that the trap cannot be moved if you are using an egg. Raccoons are smart and have been known to figure out how to remove eggs from traps.

3. Clean Piece of Tin Foil

A crumbled piece of clean tin foil could be enough to catch a raccoon. You just need to hang it on the inside of the trap behind the trigger pan. A piece of string makes it easy to hang the tin foil. Raccoons are very smart and curious animals. The shiny tin foil can lure them into the trap because they want to know what the item is. The reason that you should be using clean foil is there is no rotting smell, which could attract other animals. This can sound very unbelievable, but it has been proven to work.

4. Sweet Corn and Other Sweet Smelling Vegetables and Fruit

Like most other animals, raccoons use their noses to find food. They will eat just about anything, but there are a few animals that will eat vegetables as a normal part of their diet. This is why sweet corn is recommended by most trap makers. If you are not able to find sweet corn in your grocery stores, you can also use other sweet smelling vegetables and fruit, such as carrots, apples, watermelon, or cucumber. Just make sure to replace it every few days to limit the risk of catching other animals.

The bait that you use in a trap makes all the difference when you are trying to catch a raccoon and no other animals that live near your home. Bait should be switched every few days to make sure that it is fresh and tempting to the raccoons.

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