Choosing the right Bait When Trapping the Squirrel

While the bait that you will use to lure the squirrel into the trap is not as important as the trap itself, you have to make sure that you are using a food that emanates an odor that is desirable for them. Normally, squirrels are scavengers, and they will basically be attracted to any foods that are left in the open. However, there are certain foods that they prefer compared to the other. Once you find out that there is squirrel infestation happening in your property, you definitely want to immediately remove them off your property.

List of Baits That Will Effectively Trap the Squirrels

Perhaps you already have a trap but the trap, is only useful when you use effective bait. I am quite certain that it is impossible for you to get a squirrel into the trap when you don’t have the right bait. Squirrels are smart creatures; you need to use bait that will surely entice them. It is very essential to look for bait that will be appealing to the squirrels. Although they are considered as omnivore specie, they prefer potatoes, tender berries, aromatic plants, nuts, seeds, and grains.

Peanut Butter

Perhaps, one of the most effective and convenient type of bait that you can use would be the peanut butter. Normally, this is readily available on your kitchen. If not, you can easily avail this on your local food store. In case you have some trouble in trapping squirrels when using peanut butter, you may add some drops of almond oil on your peanut butter. Spread the mixture of almond oil and peanut butter on your bread, place it in your trap and put it in a spot where you saw the squirrels. The scent of squirrels and almond oil tend to attract the squirrels.


Squirrels that are gathering nuts have a tendency to be territorial. This means that it will be highly unlikely for you to catch multiple squirrels in a particular location when you use nuts. In order to improve the possibility that you will capture all the squirrels, you may want to set multiple traps. You may also use different seeds that may attract squirrels such as sunflower seeds, almond, and grains.

Fresh Fruits

In case you want to trap the mother squirrels. You may want to use fresh fruits. Fresh fruits are the best source of water for the mother squirrels. Squirrels also have a sensitive smell for fruits that contain a compound known as Indole. Oranges contain a high amount of Indole; this can improve the chance that you will attract the squirrels into the trap.

Finally, you may also want to understand the behavior of the squirrel when choosing the right bait. Gray squirrel and the fox squirrel usually bury their foods on different areas. Douglas squirrels are gathering their foods in one location. When choosing the right bait for the squirrel that scatters their food, it is recommended to use a variety of baits. On the other hand, it is advisable to use bait that smells when they have different food sources.

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