What Should I Do with a Bat After I Catch It in My House?

Bats seek residence in houses when they are sick or if they have seen something interesting for them in the house. They normally like living in the attic or chimney, and sometimes they penetrate broken ceilings to stay in the roofs. Bats are harmless creatures although they are speculated to be reservoirs of rabies just like dogs. Owing to this, they are supposed to be eliminated with care from the homes, ensuring that you do not come into contact with the bats. But what should you do once you catch a bat? Follow the steps below.

1. Wear Gloves and Other Protective Gear

When a bat notices that its existence in the house has been recognized, it starts to look its way out of the house. Open your windows and doors to make it see the way out. Use anything to scare it so that it gets out of the house without touching you. When you get a chance to catch it, use gloves to catch it and put it in a box before you go and give it to the animal orphanage for proper steps to be taken.

2. Ways to Capture a Bat

If the bat is on the ground, wear gloves and get a towel. Throw the towel in such a way that it will cover the bat completely without harming it. Once the towel covers the bat, the bat will not be able to fly, and you will capture it easily. Without removing the towel, scoop the bat so that you hold it in your hands. You should be gentle enough because when you press it hard, it might bite you. If the bat is on high places, take a tin of coffee, open the lead and push the bat to the coffee tin. Capture it and take it outside.

3. Let It Go Away

When you have captured the bat and taken it away from your home, open the towel and let it leave. Make sure you close your doors and windows before you release it to avoid it from accidentally flying back to the house. You can release it at a nearby tree so that when it fails to take off; it will climb up the tree and leave the house. The bat in the coffee tin should be left to fly in the same process as the one trapped in the towel.

Adult bats are easy to eliminate because once you take them outside and release them; they take off quickly and disappear from your home. If you get the young ones, you should give them to the animal authorities because most of them need feeding and proper habitat to survive. Make sure that you submit them soon so that they don’t starve or get sick while in your custody. If the mother is around, you can keep the young ones at a place where the mother will easily find them so as to feed them.

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