How to Inspect a House for Bat Entry Holes


Did you hear some alarming sounds at night? Perhaps you have some bats in your attic or your chimney. Fear not, bats are not a danger to humans or to your house. However, you need to find an efficient way to remove them from your house without having to spend much money or risking hurting these small animals.

First, you need to make sure you have spotted the exact place where the bats are staying in your house. Without the use of any repellents or poisons, it is possible to remove all bats from your house with safety. Of course, you need to be persistent and patient because this procedure can last quite some time.

Entry Points on Chimney

Have you figured out where the bats are staying? If the bats are in your chimney, the solution is quite simple. Since the chimney has only one entry and exit point, you will find no difficulty in getting the bats out. All you have to do is wait until dark when the bats will leave the chimney to go find food. Go to the chimney with a strong lighting in order to make sure no bat is left behind.

If the chimney is empty, then this is the perfect time to install some chimney case that will keep all wild animals outside. The bats will return, and since they will not be able to reenter the chimney, they will find another place to stay.

Entry Points on Attic

Now, this is a more complicated task, since there are many ways for the bats to enter the attic. Most of house has some entry points between the bricks perhaps in which bats can use to enter your house. Bats are very small and flexible; therefore they can fit through many small holes that they can found.

Spot the Entry Points

In order to spot the holes, you have to visit the attic during day light. Take a closer look to the walls and the ceiling. The sun light will help you spot the holes as the light will enter the room. Spot all of them and mark them so that you can see them from outside of your house.

Now you can take care of them and seal them so that the bats cannot find their way back in. Make sure you leave no possible whole open, no matter how small might seem to you. Bats are very small animals that can fit almost everywhere.

In Search for another House

The bats once they return to your house they will find no possible way to reenter. Therefore, they will try to find another place to make their colony and protect their young ones.

Do not neglect to often check your house for possible entry holes so that you can prevent future bats of making your house their house as well.

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