Should You Ever Trap a Bat in a Cage?

Many homeowners have to face this problem in their lives. Bats can be quite irritating if they have managed to build their nest somewhere near your house. However, this is not an excuse in order to try and trap a bat in a cage. First of all, it is illegal, it is not safe to you or the bat, and ultimately, it is the most insufficient way to scare the bats away.

Let’s say you have successfully managed to trap the bat, and then what? Even if you guide them to a faraway place and release them, they will still find their place back to you.


If you don’t want to injure these bats that you found, then cage is not going to help you. Once you trap them, they will panic and start flying around. They will injure themselves severely eventually. Bats have a high metabolism, and that means that they will run out of energy pretty soon. This will lead to starvation and death before you manage to release them to another place.


The most efficient way to remove bats from any possible spot inside the house is with the exclusion method. All you have to do is find their entry and exit points and wait until they leave the house. Then, you have to close them carefully and make sure that no bat has been left behind.

Wait until dark, when the bats will go out and seek some food in order to close all possible entry points in your house. Once the bats return and will not find a way in, they will then try to find another eligible spot for them to live in.

Closing the Points

In order to find out the exact entry and exit points in your house, or in the attic you have to inspect the room early in the morning. Check the spots where the light goes inside the house. Mark those spots so that you can see them from the outside. Try to close them with chalking or foam. Keep in mind that bats are extremely small and can fit almost everywhere. Use a patch is you find this necessary.

Bat House

If you are certain that you have removed all bats from the house and have closed all entry points, there is no reason to worry anymore. Now, if you want to keep them around and allow them to eat all of the disturbing insects around your house, there is also some great tips you can follow.

Near your house you can build a bat house, and help them transfer their nest there. A professional can help you out with this procedure, and you can keep the bats close to you for your own benefit. Bats will not destroy any of your property but will keep all of the dangerous insects away from you.

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