What If a Bat Got Inside My House, Bedroom, and Kitchen?

Various pests can get into your house, but you have no idea how to get rid of them. Bats are some of these animals that could be anywhere in your house including the chimney, kitchen, attic or even the bedroom. This comes with many issues such bad odor from the droppings, noises in the house and bat diseases. The best way to avoid all this is to get rid of the bats.

How Do Bats Get Into the House?

Some bats can be dragged into the house by a cat, they can come through an open space such as the door, and it could be that there is a colony of bats in the house such as in the attic. Once you identify the way they could have come into the house, you should come up with the proper bat removal method. Ensure that you do a proper inspection.

Use a Bucket to Get Rid of the Bat

One effective way to remove a bat from your house is by use of a bucket. If the bat lands on the floor or on the wall put the bucket over it. Find a way to slide the bat inside the bucket and take it outside. You can also use a bowl or a jar.

Open the Doors and Windows

Since bats could have come into the house through windows or doors, you should open them when doing bat exclusion. It is very easy for them to use the same route out of the house and just fly away.

Use a Blanket

Every house has a blanket, and it can be used to remove bats from the house. Once the bat lands drape a blanket over it and lift it up carefully. You should take it outside and let it fly away.

Use a Butterfly Net

Another great way to exclude bats from your house is to use a butterfly net. The only disadvantage of this option is that it requires much effort. The best way to do this is await the bat to land either on the floor or the wall before netting it.

Problems with Bats in Your House

Having bats in the house comes with many problems. They are a nuisance especially when you have a colony. They are noisy while their droppings and urine are found anywhere in the house. This brings a bad odor in the house and may damage personal belongings. There may also be infections such as rabies and fungal infection of the lungs.

One interesting thing about bat removal is that once you take them outside, they just fly on their own, unlike other animals that you must relocate. One important thing is to be careful to avoid dead bats, diseases, and bad odors or even injuring the bats. If you are not sure about doing it yourself, you should consult a professional to effectively get rid of them. Inspect the house and seal off entry points.

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