What Is a Bat Maternity Colony?

A maternity colony simply refers to the association of reproductive female bats (pregnant bats) that develop a temporary association. The latter association will see them giving birth, nursing, and weaning their pups. With bat bodies working just like humans, these females usually come together to make sure that they aren’t spending a lot of energy roosting.

They will also share other responsibilities, making motherhood a tad easier. Woe unto you if they choose to make your home their brooding nest. The temporary association comes to an end as soon as the pups are strong enough to fend for themselves. The sizes of these bat maternity colonies vary, with the biggest one of them all having well over 15 million bats (in Bracken Cave)

What Are the Benefits of a Bat Maternity Colony?

There are quite a number of benefits of a maternity colony. First of all, the maternity colony has got some amazing thermal benefits as stated above. Members of a maternity colony don’t have to spend a lot of energy generating heat. Without the colony, female bats that are pregnant will be forced to go on torpor concurrently in a bid to save energy.

But since torpor isn’t suitable especially since it cuts down on the milk production as well as fetus development. Roosting in large groups will also come in handy as far as security and food collection is concerned. Many bats have the capacity of finding a lot more food as compared to a few of them which are vulnerable to predators.

Eliminating a Bat Maternity Colony

During the summer is the perfect time for bat maternity colonies to have their babies. If you want to get rid of them, then the perfect way to do it is before they give birth. If not, then you will have no other choice but to wait for the babies to mature so that you can eliminate them altogether.

It is always a prudent idea to eliminate such colonies with the help of an expert because, well, it can be tricky. The good news is that the experts know what they are doing and will sort the issue out as effectively and as amicably as possible.

Just like it is the case with getting rid of other bats that aren’t about to give birth and adding to your problems, the same procedure is followed. Get to observe their patterns first and use it against them. You can get to inspect and find out if there are any pups yet and if they aren’t, then it is always good for you.

Putting a gadget that emits high-frequency noise can get rid of the bats before they end up laying eggs. Another way of eliminating them is by drilling holes in specific places in the walls and attic and putting light bulbs in.

Just like their proverbial progeny the vampires, bats hate light. So if you fit the light bulbs in those nice, dark places, they will have no other choice but to leave. Just make sure that you are doing it the right way so that you don’t leave any of them in there.

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