What Is a Bat’s Natural Diet?

There are numerous species of bats, and somehow, they differ in terms of their diet though they are classified under the same category by virtue of their similarities in appearance. They are the only mammals that are capable of flying. It can be seen that these different species of bats feed on different types of food. Others are carnivorous while others survive of fruits, but in some cases, other species of bats survive on both types of food.

About 70 % of different bat species are insect eaters. These bats feed on flying as well as crawling insects. These bats trap their prey with their wings, and they feed while flying. Interestingly, bats that are insect eaters use their echolocation to locate the areas where there are both crawling and flying insects. These insect eaters at times do not necessarily need to hunt for prey since they can get the insects from their habitat. Bats living in attics can feed on crawling insects like spiders, and they can also feed on mosquitoes within their vicinity. Apart from these insect eaters, other bats eat birds, rodents, fish, lizards, frogs and in some cases, they eat other bats. These are known as carnivorous bats since they only survive on meat as their basic diet. These bats also feed on small mammals and related reptiles that are not very big.

The other type of bat is fisherman bat. As the name implies this type of bat feeds on fish and crabs. These bats use their echolocation to identify their prey, and the action takes just a fraction of a second before they make their kill. Vampire bats constitute another type of specie that mainly survives on blood. These bats feed on blood from different animals and in some occasions, they feed on human blood. In order to draw blood from their prey, these bats make painless cuts on the skin of the prey, and they use their tongues to suck it. There is a chemical component that is produced in the saliva that is used to ensure that blood constantly flows while the prey does not necessarily feel any pain.

Nectar feeding bats get their diet from flowering plants. These have very long tongues that are used to suck flower nutrients, and these constitute their basic diet. These bats use their sense of sight to identify the blooming flowers, and they are aware that they will get nectar from them. These bats are believed to have the best sense of sight, and they use it in conjunction with their sense of smell. Some of these bats feed on fruits and edible seeds. Interestingly, the bats fruits have long and strong teeth used to for chewing hard sections of fruits. They usually live in areas that are characterized by abundant fruit and flower supplies. The other type of bat specie is the spear nose of South America which feeds of both fruits and vertebrates while others feed on scorpions.

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