Will a Bat House Prevent Bats in Your Home?

Installing a bat house near your home will not necessarily prevent them from invading your house, but it will still be a great idea. While there is no assurance that it will prevent the bats from coming to your house, you’ll end up helping the bats and providing them a safe place to roost especially during the harsh weather condition. Bat house that are mounted on the trees are not recommended. Normally, there are hawks and owls on the trees that are looking for a quick snack. Additionally, the branches on the tree will cover the bat house that will prevent it from being warm.

Installing the Bat House

The bat house should be around 10-12 feet high that is facing the South East or South direction. Make sure that you will choose a location that gets the highest amount of sunlight throughout the day. The bats prefer a place that has a temperature of 85-100 degree Fahrenheit. The side of your house or your barn or introducing it using a pole would always be your best option. Installing the bat house on trees has a low success in inviting the bat’s colony. In case you still prefer to place it on a tree, make sure that the tree is isolated and that one portion of the tree is being exposed on sunlight.

When you are placing a bat house near your property, there is absolutely no guarantee that they will attract the colony. In order to increase the possibility that the house will attract the bats, there should be a source of water and food. Bats are attracted by the flying insects. Their water source should be at least a quarter mile from the house. Some of the viable sources of water include the pools, ponds, and creeks. In case you don’t have a nearby water source or food, your bat house can still attract some species of bats that are willing travel further to gather water and food.

There are different ways that will help you determine if the bat house managed to attract the bats. You may notice that there are droppings on the ground. At first, the smaller colony may start to inhabit the house. Check for the small dots on the ground since these can be their droppings. Another way to determine the presence of the bat is to watch it at night time. During daytime, you may also temporarily shine a light on the house to look if there are any bats. Avoid doing this on a regular basis since it can disturb the bats. If they are disrupted, and they feel threatened, they will eventually leave your bat house.

You should avoid moving the bat house especially if there is a colony dwelling in it. You should keep away from handling any wild species especially if you do not have the proper equipment or the right training. While they are not aggressive creature, they can launch an attack if they feel threatened. You should call your local authority and ask for a wildlife agent to help you if you want to relocate them.

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