Bat Repellent Machines: Does It Work Effectively Against Bat?

Bat repellents are being used by people who are suffering from bats infestation. Some of them claimed that they can remove the bats permanently from your property. However, before you start looking for your ideal repellent, you need to make sure that they really work. You also need to stick to the humane approach. Most states have law that protects the bats, and not all the repellents can be used legally. In case you find this issue daunting, talk to the professionals and let them be your guide.

How Effective Are These Bat Repellent Machines?

In this article, we will not talk about the bat repellents that are made from natural or chemical ingredients. We will basically determine the efficacy of the repellent machines that are sold in the market today.

Electronic Repellent

Electronic repellents are the machines that release sound waves that will scramble the echolocation ability of the bat which will prompt them to leave the area. Most of them come with volume-adjuster which will allow you to increase the frequency of the sound wave. The maximum frequency level can cover 5,000 ft. However, some of them emit similar sound wave, and the bat will easily adjust on that pattern. You need to choose an electronic repellent that produce several patterns. This will annoy the bats and affect their behavior.

When you are looking for an electronic repellent, you need to consider the population of the colony and the distance of the colony from the location of the electronic repellent. You will need to check the effect of this machine every two weeks. In case you noticed that the population of the crowd is not decreasing, you need to adjust the volume and the frequency. Create adjustments until you successfully drive them away to their roosting ground.

Ultrasonic Repellent

The Ultrasonic Repellent is an improved version of the electronic repellent. They also release sound waves that irritate the bats and other pests. Compared to the electronic repellent, they release sound waves that cannot be heard by the human. Unfortunately, there are no proofs that this repellent effectively works.

Bright Lights

Some people claimed that exposing the roosting area of the bats into bright lights will drive them away. This will make the temperature on their roosting ground an unsuitable place to live. However, unlike the repellents that we mentioned above, you need to gain an access to the roosting area which can be dangerous especially if you are dealing with a big population of bat. You also need to install more than one bright light in order to make sure that it will affect the temperature in their nesting area.

Bat repellents should only be used after you gain the right information about these products. Avoid using the product if you are not aware about their advantages and disadvantages. Contingent upon your scenario, use only the method that you think will be beneficial for your situation. You should also familiarize yourself about the legalities in your area.

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