Are Bats Blind As It Is Presumed by Majority of the People

Bats are flying mammals that covered by fur just like any other mammals. They like living in the wilderness, but when they need an appropriate shelter to prevent themselves from certain dangers, they seek refuge in buildings and bridges. The fact, that these animals like playing at night and always like hunting at night make people to assume that bats do not see during the day. The truth is that bats are not blind, but they prefer moving at night when their prey is not able to see.

How Do They Move from Place to Place?

Bats Use the echolocation technique to find the places they are going to during the day. They listen to the fine echoes that cannot be heard by any other animals and they are able to find their roosts and hunting places. At night, they normally use their ears to find locations, and during the day, they can see things just like the way human beings. The only problem is that during the day, they are not able to use echolocation because of the many noises and sounds. Bats are able to identify places using their ears not what they see. Micro bats are the type of bats that utilizes echoes to find the best places to be.

Fruits Bats Use Visions to Identify Places and Move

Fruits Bats rely in visions to identify places and move. The fact that they eat fruits is because of their ability to smell and see things. They don’t use echolocation because they don’t have the power to listen to sound and make appropriate decisions of where to go. Their big round eyes have big pupils that allow the entrance of sufficient amount of light thereby making them to see things precisely.

Bats Are Active At Night

As bats are trying to catch their prey and enjoy their life flying from one place to another, they are also very vigilant not to face their predators. They, therefore, prefer hunting at night when most of their predators cannot see. If, also gives the bats and opportunity to catch their prey easily since most of them cannot see at night. Bats that cannot use echolocation have to hunt during the day, and this poses a great danger to their lives because eagles and other predators are on the watch to find something to eat.

To conclude, bats just like playing and hunting at night because it’s safe from them and they also get their prey easily. The answer to the question is that bats are not blind, but it’s only that they use echolocation to find what they need. They don’t rely on eyes because they can precisely use their smelling capability and echo detection to find things. They live in different areas as long as they know they can survive in that particular place. Most of them relocate to places where there are enough water, food and comfortable shelter.

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