What Can Bats Chew Through?

Bats have long been represented in literature, movies, and other media as animals with sharp teeth which can pierce things. For this reason, whenever there is an infection of bats around one’s home, people get terrified by the fact that bats will chew through their walls, wood and other places to get inside the house despite how securely they close the entrances. For the relief of many, however, this belief is completely untrue. Bats cannot chew through any solid material including the walls and close entrances of your home. Therefore, while having bats around your house may not always be an ideal thing, you at least do not have to worry about them chewing through things like mice, rats and squirrels do.

Keeping Your House Secure from Bats

Even though they cannot possibly chew through solid things to enter your house, bats are sneaky and nocturnal animals who usually tend to crawl and sneak into dark places of your house that you may never even aware of. Therefore, just because you know that you are secure with walls it does not always mean that bats have kept out of your residence altogether. If you are aware that there are bats present around the area, you live in, make sure you do a thorough inspection around and inside your house at least once every 2-3 months. If by any chance you experience an infestation of bats in your attic or any other dark and enclosed space, take measures to get them to leave and board up any and every entrance point you feel that bats can get in.

A practical problem that you may face while trying to seal all the entrance points for bats is that it can cover the place where light gets in your house and makes a dark atmosphere inside of your home which is not pleasant to live in. The best alternative for using solid things which cover all the light that gets in is using a mesh which is made from a strong steel material. This can be a wire mesh or a screening panel. The important thing is that the holes in them are small enough to keep the bats out but big enough to allow natural sunlight inside of the house.

Important Things to Note

If you recognize a place inside of your home which bats have got into, there are a few important things to notice before you remove them and close all the entrance points. First of all, allowing them to fly out naturally when the night dawns is the best way to remove them rather than you physically trying to catch them and carry them out. However, during their mating season (June-August) they may leave their little ones inside of your home when they go for hunting. If you proof your house when this happens, the baby bats are likely to starve to death even if you manage to keep them outside for their mothers to find since they do not start flying for a few weeks.

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