Do Bats Chew on Wires

Bats are insectivorous animals, they mostly feed on insects in any habitat that they live in. when they intrude a house, they don’t chew wires or woods so they don’t cause any physical damage to your house that could compromise the strength of the roof, windows or any material in the house. The most nuisance character of bats is that they cause a lot of noise when flying at night. Bats also eat fruits, and they can even go and collect fruits from outside and bring them into the house. Now that they don’t eat wires, what are their major irritating traits? Find out below.

Dirtying Your House

When they enter the attic, they drop feces all over that could even pile up to form layers if not properly cleaned. This could end up making your house to appear in a very bad image. The feces smell bad when they are in large volume thereby making your house to be an unpleasant place to be. When the feces are cleaned properly and regularly, your house will be always clean. When the feces are on the roof, your roof is not in danger, but it could pollute rain water that is collected to water tanks. Clean your roof and remove all factors that attract bats to your house. You can remove insects from your home, ensure that you don’t leave ripe fruits and prune your trees regularly.

They Have Rabies That Can Infect People

Rabies is known to be exists in bats and dogs. When a bat comes into contact with your skin or food, you could possibly acquire rabies. Even the feces can carry traces of rabies if they are still fresh. When cleaning the areas to remove bat feces, make sure that you wear gloves so as to protect yourself. Make sure that you don’t splash the feces to your face because that will expose you to rabies. The moment you notice the presence of bats, make sure that you cover all your food so that you don’t put yourself at the risk of acquiring rabies.

Measures to Control Bats in Your

Bats are physical harmless, but they can drop feces everywhere in your house and bring forth bad odor. To ensure that you prevent your house from these misfortunes, eliminating from your home is the only option one has. You can set traps and bait them so that you catch the bats and dispose them away from your home. To facilitate their exile from your home, keep your lights on in the areas where they seem to be occupying. Bats fear light and they like playing in the dark areas. Add a source of noise like a bell so that they get bothered by the sound leave the house.

To conclude, bats do not chew wires, woods or metals. They only eat fruits and insects. Bats do not cause any physical damage to the house, but their existence could bring forth things that might make the house unhealthy and unpleasant to live in.

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