What Is a Bat’s Natural Habitat?

All bats live in small or large colonies with numerous male and female bats. They create their own roost so that they can protect each other, especially during cold winter months. During the year a colony will be split, regrouped or relocate for a variety of reasons. Female bats will relocate their colony and create an only female colony for the time period when they are pregnant and when they are taking care of their babies.

Nocturnal Life

As you already know, bats are considered to be nocturnal animals. This means that they tend to sleep during day and become more active at night when they are go outside for hunting. Bats choose carefully where to build their colonies so that they can stay protected at all times.

Habitat Specifications

Bats will prefer a place that is warm and dark, and they will prefer to locate to spots that are at the top of a specific spot. They usually hung upside down in order to rest and get some sleep. Bats exist literally in every possible place on Earth. Bats usually prefer wilderness and remote places to live in.

However, there are times when they will choose to live in other, more populated areas, like in a city or in a farm. Many people have come across a small bat colony near their house, or even inside the house, most of the times in the attic.

Do not be surprised if you find bats in a cave tree or abandoned mine crafts. You can also find them to an attic, a shed or a basement.

Specific Needs of a Bat

Bats need places and rooms that have high ceilings and a rough surface so that they will cling on it and have an additional space in order to be able to land easily. Their colony must be exposed many hours to the sun so that it can remain warm enough. Additionally, they will choose a location with a permanent water source, like a lake or a river.

Bat Lovers

There are many homeowners who want to help bats build their own colonies as close to them as possible. This is why they will build their house accordingly so that they can provide to the bats a safe housing option.

Additionally, these people go into all that trouble to actually build a separate space that the bats may use in order to live in there. You may think that these people are crazy; however, they have understood the necessity of bats.

Why We Need Bats

Bats will go out at night for hunting. They will eat as many insects as they can found, sometimes even hundreds of them. If you have a farm and crops, it is highly advisable to have near you some bats. They will eat all the harmful insects for you, without having to you extreme pesticides.

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