Keeping the Bats Out of Your Barn

Getting rid the bats in your barn can present a difficult challenge. Our barns are normally a suitable roosting ground for them. It is well-ventilated since they are intended to store hay and grain. You cannot completely seal the barn just like your house because the things that are stored in your barn can grow mold. Bats are the most effective way to control the mosquitoes. One bat can eat a maximum of 100 insects per night. While the bats can help you mitigate the pest infestation in your area, there are reasons on why you need to get rid of them. They defecate a lot that can carry bacterial spores and pathogens. Their urine and dropping can also create a mess in your barn.

How to Get Rid of the Bats in Your Barn?

Getting rid of the bats is necessary to minimize the contact between your animals and the bats. This can minimize the possibility that your animals can contract rabies, Histoplasmosis, and parasites.

Finding their Access Point

You need to determine the access point of the bats and seal it. This can be a difficult endeavor since you cannot seal your barn completely. Aside from that, the bats can fit in an opening that measures ½ inch. It will take several nights before you successfully determine all the entry points of the bats.

The Perfect Time

You need to make sure that you are getting rid of them at the right time. In case you performed action that may harm them, you can be liable for a criminal offence. The bats usually raise their little ones during the month of May-September. They will hunt during night time and return to the roosting ground to feed the young ones. If you try to keep them away during summer and spring season, the baby bats will be trapped inside your barn, and they will eventually die.

Getting Them Out

After you successfully identified the entry points of the bats, try to install a one-way door to the opening. This will allow them to get out of your barn and prevent them from returning to your place. For your walls, you can introduce screening materials. PVC pipes can be inserted to the round holes.

Bats are protected by the governing law which is why it is illegal to eliminate them. In addition, the colony of the bats can increase to million. This is why killing them might not be the right solution. The only proper solution is to discourage them from roosting to your barn by creating an unsuitable place for them to live. Some people are choosing chemical repellents that emit strong odor. Bats are also known to be sensitive on lights and sounds, and there are electric repellent that emits sound wave that can cause discomfort to them. You may also use mothballs, place it in your sack and hang it in the barn. Mothballs emits strong stench that are offensive to bats. There are also commercially manufactured repellents that you can use.

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