Will the City or County Animal Services Help Me with a Bat Issue?

Bats are a nuisance especially when there is a colony of them in the house. Besides being a nuisance, they can lead to damaging of properties and diseases such as rabies. The problem is that when some homeowners find them in their houses, they decide to trap them and they end up with injuries, injuring the bats or having dead bats. The best way to remove them is to get a professional.

Do Animal Services Departments Help with Bat Issues?

The answer is no. county or city animal services control animal issues, but there is a limit to this. Dealing with bat issues is not in their job description thus even when you call them for help, they will not be in a position to help you. This is not something they specialize in.

How Can They Help with a Bat Issue?

Since they do not specialize in wildlife removal, you should check if there is a way they can help. This is because some will offer some select wildlife services. The only help that you could get from them is lending of equipment, but they would never be in your home to help with a bat issue.

Why Don’t City and County Animal Services Help with Bird Issues?

In their job description, they are only authorized to deal with animal cruelty for domestic animals. They mainly deal with dogs and cats. If there are dangerous pets and there is pet abuse, they will come to the rescue, but they will neither help with bat removal or control.

County and City Animal Services Do Not Handle Wildlife Issues

Bats are part of the wildlife thus they are not in the docket of city and county animal services. When you have any bat issues, your help should come from either the private sector or from the wildlife control services. Wildlife removal services will offer the same help that an independent professional does.

If City and County Animal Services Cannot Help with Bat Issues What is Their Job?

This is a question that many of those that have faced bat issues have been asking. To narrow it down, they mainly help with tamed animals and pests. The main issues they handle are complaints about pet abuse, reports on animal bites and they also keep harmful pests. This means that if you have a colony of bats swarming all over your house and you cannot stand that dusk noise, they will not help.

City and county animal services will not be there to help you with bat issues. If you are not comfortable dealing with a bat issue in your home, you should call a professional from the private sector. Animal services can only help if you have issues with domestic animals and not wild ones. Professionals in the private sector will help with bat issues from inspecting the property, capturing the bats, recommend repairs and even give you the most effective preventative measures.

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