How Do I Clean Raccoon Feces Out of My Attic

In case you had a raccoon den in your attic but managed to deal with them, then it’s time to clean the place up. Raccoon leave a lot of feces and urine behind. The good news is that they don’t urinate where they eat, however they don’t necessarily feed themselves in their place of residency. In some occurrences, even the feces are piled up in a single corner, in others its spread all of over the floor, unfortunately.

Cleaning After a Raccoon

The feces are generally large and easy to pick up unless you had a mother give birth to babies. The real problem is with the urine which soaks into whatever it was poured, literally into anything that could be found in your attic and it leaves a horrendous odor behind. In some cases, not all of the feces and urinated spots will be accessible, but it is still quite important that you deal with those places as well.

The most obvious, first advice we could provide is to not touch the feces with your bare hands. Raccoon’s feces are a good habitat for roundworms which could infect humans as well. The effects of roundworm infection are unpleasant, to say the least and in the worst possible scenarios could lead to blindness.

There are many other diseases that the feces could carry, and it’s not worth taking the risk by not taking the necessary precautions. Still cleaning up your attic would be done with your hands, except you need to get proper gloves and special cleaning compounds such as enzyme-based cleaner for biohazard organic waste left by the creature. It is recommended that on top of the disposable gloves you also wear a suit and a respirator mask to filter the air. Some diseases might be caught via the air.

The Urine of a Raccoon

Dealing with the feces is quite a nasty thing to do especially if you had the raccoons for a while, there could be piles of poops. That is the easiest part however as it is physically able to be gathered one by one, which is not the case with urine as it is soaked into wood and insulation.

You will notice insulation which was soaked in urine due to it being smelly and most likely crystallized. You can remove and replace it, but that what do you do with the wood?

There are two options to do that, either buy a fogging machine which will create a “fog” with the cleaning compounds and soak in the wood itself removing all odor and bacteria. Or the option which we would recommend is to just hire a professional cleaning crew as it is actually cheaper and more efficient than doing it alone.

Dealing with a raccoon’s waste is not for people which get disgusted easily. It is, however, important that a person deals with it thoroughly so there would be no side effects because of it.

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