What Kind of Damage do Bats Cause in an Attic?

In few numbers, impact of bats to your attic is insignificant since they are widely believed to be harmless creatures. However, as their population grows, there are likely to be some damages that can be caused to the attic. These creatures leave for very long periods, and if not removed, they can cause considerable damage to your attic.

The other issue pertains to build up of guano or bat droppings in the attic. Apparently, the bat droppings go into the same place over and over, and this leads to pile up in the ceiling. As time goes on, the ceiling can give in due to the increased weight as a result of the pile up of the guano. When a ceiling has been damaged, it means that repairs should be carried out and such scenario should be avoided if possible.

Guano also promotes the development of fungus, and this can cause damages to the attic. When the attic is characterized by humid conditions, fungus can grow, and it can affect the rafters supporting the roof. In the long run, these rafters can weaken and eventually give in which can lead to collapse of certain sections of the roof. This can pose danger to the people living inside the house. Such scenarios should be avoided by excluding bats from your attic.

Guano also attracts other animals like rats, and as the number of such species in the attic increase, more problems are likely to be witnessed. This means more feces produced and which contribute to the damage that can be caused to the ceiling of the attic in particular. Bats can leave urine stains on the walls, and these will accumulate over time. These stains cause unsightly markings on the wall which affect the appearance of your house. Bat urine can also lead to peeling off of the wall.

The other issue that should be noted about bats is that just like rodents, they tend to chew on the walls and other material used to support the roof in your attic. This causes damage to the wall as well as the attic itself. Action should be taken earlier in order to avoid further damage being caused to the attic which is not recommended. Bats can also chew on insulation of electric wiring in the attic. This leaves these wires exposed, and due to movement of bats in the attic, short circuit can be caused to the power system within the house. This is very dangerous since there are high chances that such kind of short circuit can cause an outbreak of fire. This fire not only damages the attic but it can lead to the total destruction of the entire building. Such unprecedented loss is unfortunate, but it can be seen that it can be prevented. Measures should be taken to ensure that all bats are excluded from the place before they cause unnecessary damages to your attic or property as a wall.

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