What Kind of Damage do Squirrels Cause in Attic?

Once squirrels find habitat in your attic, they can be nuisance. These small animals have a tendency of scurrying around and making a lot of noise that can disturb your piece of mind. Apart from this noise aspect, squirrels can cause untoward damage to your attic. As such, measures should be taken to prevent such unprecedented damages to your attic from happening.

Types of Damages Caused by Squirrels in Attic

Squirrels chew on anything soft around them. For example, they can chew would that is used as outer covers of the attic. Squirrels can also chew ceiling boards that are made of chip wood. As a result, they leave holes that are terrible and can attract other unwanted creatures like rats. Squirrels can also cause damage insulation of the electric cables. These cables usually run in the ceiling so when they are damaged, they can cause short circuit. This, in turn, can cause outbreak of fire. A fire that starts from the attic is dangerous since it can quickly spread to other parts of the house since this area is comprised of flammable material like wood as well as insulation material of the cables.

Squirrels can also damage the water supply system that runs through the attic if it is comprised of plastic pipes. These little animals so much like to chew plastic material in a bid to sharpen their teeth. This will result in water gushing out from the damaged points. This water can also cause damages to other items within the article as well as the entire house.

Squirrels also leave feces, and urine stains in the attic and these can lead to the growth of molds. The bad aspect about molds is that they can cause damage to the ceiling. The damages caused by squirrels can cause unsightly appearance of the attic from both the exterior and interior of the house. This means that the house owner will be forced to fork out unbudgeted money to repair the damages that have been caused by the squirrels. Therefore, effort should be made to prevent squirrels from playing around your attic since this can be costly.

How to Prevent Such Damages in the Attic?

To a larger extent, squirrels cause damage to your attic, and this can be extremely dangerous to the people who live in the house. There is also risk of losing valuable property as a result of the damage caused by squirrels in the attic. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly check the attic for any signs of damages or holes that may indicate the existence of squirrels. It is also important to physically check the attic for any signs of squirrels and get rid of them if they exist. It is also important to seal all the holes used as entry points on the attic to prevent the squirrels form gaining access to it. Prevention is very important since this will help to ensure that your attic is not damaged.

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