What Equipment Is Needed to Trap A Squirrel?

Squirrels may seem really cute to you or to your children. However, you should never forget that squirrels are also rodents and must be handled with cautious. If you have squirrels inside your house and you want to remove them, you might have considered catching them with your bare hands, as they seem harmless.

Keep in mind that it is never safe to handle wild animals, such as squirrels with bare hands. In order to attempt and try to catch a squirrel, you need to acquire some thick rubber gloves that will prevent any accident from happening. You may think a squirrel is cute, but it still has some sharp teeth and claws. If you have never dealt with squirrels before, then it is highly advisable to hire a professional that will help you deal with your problem.

Safety for You and the Squirrel

Capturing a squirrel doesn’t mean that you have to injure yourself or the squirrel itself. In most attempts by homeowners to trap a squirrel, the results are always the same. Either the person involved or the squirrel will get seriously insured. After you catch it, the size and the state of the cage will also play an important role. A cage that will be too small or too big for the squirrel can truly harm him or even kill him.

Monitor the Squirrel

For as long as you need to free the squirrel, you need to also monitor the cage. The squirrel might die in there due to improper care, heat, cold or other predators. If you want to take care of the squirrel on your own, then you need to make sure you have all it takes to keep yourself and the squirrel safe. Do not touch the squirrel with your bare hands and use a cage that will keep the squirrel safe.

Proper Equipment

Even before you catch the squirrel, you have to use proper equipment in order to inspect the porch and every other spot inside and outside your house in order to find the squirrel. If you are living close to a tree area, then it is very likely that you might have to face some squirrels at some point. This is why it is highly advisable to get some proper gear that you will use over and over again in the future.


Even if you find a baby squirrel that seems very friendly to you, it is required that you will also wear a pair of gloves if you are about to catch it. Squirrels are disease carriers, and you must be very careful at all times.

Your pets will also need to stay away from the squirrels, do not allow them to get close to them or use them in order to catch the squirrel. Your pets might also get infected by the squirrel’s disease that it can carry inside your house.

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