What Equipment Is Needed to Exclude a Bat?

Bats are small creatures that usually stay in building attics once they get the slightest chance to enter the place. Bats are generally believed to be harmless to human beings, and some people can simply ignore them. However, bats make squawky sounds that may disturb your peace of mind the moment you want to rest. Likewise, it will be noble to exclude them from your building in a humane way since they are just harmless creatures.

There are different forms of equipment that is required to exclude a bat from your building. Before you attempt to exclude bats from your building, it is imperative to identify their entry and exit points. This can be done through conducting physical checks of the rest of your building. Even very small gaps on your building should be identified since bats are small creatures that can gain access to your attic through them. You also need to monitor their movement as they are bound to move in and out in search for food.

Once you have identified all the possible entry and exit points on your roof, in particular, you need to device suitable equipment that can be used to exclude them. For instance, you can use metal bird netting formed into a long tube with only one way exit. Alternatively, you can also use funnels or PVC pipes, and these are designed in such a way that a bat can find its way out but it cannot use the same point to get back into the attic. This type of equipment is carefully placed on the identified openings on the attic. You also need to closely check that all bats have left your building and make sure that there are no babies left behind to avoid starving them to death.

Once satisfied that all bats have safely exited the attic, you can then proceed to seal all the openings. There are different forms of equipment that may be required in order to safely execute this particular task. A ladder is required together with a hammer, nails or screws and wood boards. These are carefully used to close all the identified openings if the area has been previously made of wood. Rubber silicone can also be applied to all cracks or gaps identified especially on the roof of your building. The main advantage of using rubber silicone is that it is permanent and it works well on external surfaces.

The other material that can be used to seal the points used as entry points by bats is wire netting. This material has very small holes which cannot permit bats to gain entry into your attic. More importantly, this material provides good ventilation to your attic which is usually covered with small or no ventilation gaps at all. A chimney cap can also be used to cover other opening spaces that can be used by bats to gain access into your chimney. Once these gaps are permanently sealed, bats will not be able to return to your building.

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