What Equipment is Needed to Trap a Raccoon

If you have a raccoon problem, you most likely need a proper tool to trap it. There is a variety of options a person could use to do that. There are alternatives as for lethal consequences for the pest, as well as for safe, harmless removal. Let us get to it:

Lethal Body Grip Trap

This trap will lead to the death of the raccoon and is mostly used for larger pests such as the Texas raccoon. It is placed inside the area where a raccoon would nest. When the raccoon goes in the hole, the trap triggers, snaps and crushes the creature. It is quite difficult to set it up properly which is one of the reasons to recommend you not to use it. The other is due to its lethality. Pests may cause a lot of nuisances, however, are still living creatures and there is no reason to sentence them to death.

Pow Hold Trap

As suggest by the name, the trap is designed in a manner which, if set properly, should trap the paws of the raccoon. That would immobilize the creature and make it easy to deal with. Once again, we do not recommend the usage of such trap as it is quite hard to use and would cause damage to the raccoon.

Live Cage

It’s the method which most professionals use but is also recommended for people without previous experience. This is basically a large metal cage which is designed to hold more than a single raccoon inside. Once you determine where all of the entrances to the raccoon’s den are, you should seal them all and mount the cage to a single one of them, which should, obviously, be left open. The raccoons are baited with food and goes inside the trap. Once in the door of the cage shuts down and the raccoon is captured inside, alive and without any harm being done to it. The other advantage to the cage is that it could potentially trap more than a single raccoon if you have a mother with little ones for example.

You will be left with the opportunity to set the animal free in a location of your choosing, recommended would be to go at least a few miles out as raccoons possess a strong memory and could otherwise find their way back.

The previous two traps are considered illegal on many locations due to the movements of animal activists. All three of them need baits to make their usage more efficient. Raccoons are known to eat almost anything; they do go over your trash if left the opportunity, after all. The ones which experts use the most would be marshmallows, bacon, fish, sweet corn and fatty meat. Even if you don’t have any of those at hand, don’t worry and just use some kind of meat or vegetable.

All of the methods above could be too complicated for the unexperienced home owner, and we suggest that you prepare yourself properly before attempting to catch a raccon.

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