How to Find and Remove a Dead Raccoon

A dead raccoon in your property may cause several problems if it is not removed immediately. The smell of the dead animal may attract other animals, and it can also release that foul stench. They can carry parasite and pathogens that may lead to different health problems. As soon as you discover a dead raccoon, you have to dispose them immediately. Pets and children should not be allowed near the carcass during or before the removal of the dead body.

Step-By Step Guide in Removing a Dead Raccoon

Step#1: Wear Protective Gears

When you are in the process of removing a dead animal, you need to know first that you are properly protected. A dead animal can carry parasites that can transfer to human such as roundworm that can lead to different health issues. You can wear a latex glove since you do not want to be in direct contract with their body fluids. You should also wear long pants and long sleeves.

Step#2: Use Shovel

Using a shovel to pick up the dead body is also advisable, so you will never have to touch the carcass of the raccoon. The edge of the shovel should be placed near the dead body of the raccoon and then carefully lift it up. The raccoon can weigh as much as 20 kilograms, so you need to be careful when dealing with them.

Step #3: Placing it at the Trash Bag

In case you are putting the carcass into a trash bag, it will be easier if there is someone to open the bag for you. If you are doing it in your own, simply place the trash bag on the ground and place the dead raccoon before tying it securely.

Step#4: Securing the Remains

After placing it at the trash bag, it is time to place it at a cardboard box and then completely seal the box by taping it with a packaging tape. This will prevent any predators to disturb the carcass of the dead raccoon. If your town has a scheduled garbage pickup truck, place it outside and wait for them to take the cardboard box. You may also take it to the landfill area or call the animal control service to properly discard the body.

In case you suspect that there is a dead raccoon in your house, you have to narrow your search first to the specific areas in your house. The stench will be strongest where the carcass can be found. In most cases, you can found it in the crawl spaces of our house. If your house has an elevated surface, start looking under it. If you can’t find it under your house, it is time to check your attic. In worst situation, the carcass can be trapped in the void space of our walls. You can cut the portion of the wall where the scent seems the strongest and remove it using the procedure we mentioned above. You may also seek the help of the professional if the removal process is too complex and laborious for you.

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