How Can You Get Squirrels out of Your Chimney

Squirrels are so small and fast that they are able to get in and out from your chimney with ease. Whether your chimney is made out of brick, stone or mortar, squirrels can make it their house or their passage to your inner house so that they can steal food from you. If you have found out that the squirrels use your chimney, then it is a great way to remove the squirrels from your house for good.

Metal Tube Chimney

If your chimney is made out of metal, there is a high risk that the squirrel might get trapped at the bottom of it. The squirrel might get in and not be able to climb back up. In this case, you would have to let the squirrel out through the damper and allow it to enter the fireplace, where you can trap it and remove it from your house. Alternatively, you can lower a thick rope inside the chimney, and allow the squirrel to climb back up.

Fireplace Area

No question that you should not start a fire inside your fireplace. You will end up killing the squirrels in the chimney, without having any way out. Most of the times, squirrels do get trapped inside the chimney, and they are desperate to find a way out.

Squirrels may choose your chimney because it is a quiet and safe place to protect the young ones from extreme weather conditions. Inside your chimney is warm and dry and the squirrel will choose this place to make the nest. The squirrels most of the times get trapped inside of the chimney and they can die there because they cannot climb back out.

How to Get It Out

The best way to help the squirrels get out of your chimney is the use of the rope. This is the ideal way to help them climb up without you having to be present and perhaps scare them away.


Once you have managed to get the squirrels out of your chimney, you have to make sure that they will not renter your chimney once more. There are many chimney caps that you can buy in order to prevent squirrels to go in to your chimney again. They are very inexpensive and very useful to all homeowners who have to face such problems. The caps have some small holes that allow the smoke to leave your fireplace, without allowing the squirrels to enter.

If you find out that it is more challenging than you originally thought, then there is no reason why you should risk from any accident to happen. Get some professional help from an experienced person that has already done this kind of work before. This way you might end up spending less and resulting in a much more professional and efficient outcome.

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