It is Not Safe to Handle Raccoons with Bare Hands

Raccoons are wild animals that sometimes invade homes. While some seek the assistance from wildlife removal services, some opt to get rid of them on their own. One question that many keep asking is it safe to handle a raccoon with bare hands? Some homeowners do this, but it is not the safest way to get rid of a raccoon since there are various risks involved.

It is Not Safe for Your Health

These are wild animals that carry diseases such as rabies and viruses. Once they smell a human, they become jittery, and the result could be harmful to your health. Another thing is that they can attack you. Even when it is a baby raccoon, it should not be handled with bare hands.

What to Do When Bitten or Scratched By a Raccoon

A raccoon can get agitated and end up attacking you. It can either bite or scratch your bare hands. You should see a health practitioner as soon as possible to rule out any infection. You should be tested for rabies since the raccoon could be carrying the disease.

How to Remove the Raccoons with Your Hands

If you have to remove the raccoon with your hands, you must have protective gear. If these wild animals regularly invade your home, you should have a safety kit for the task which includes traps and leather gloves. There are different types of protective gears you can use on your hands if you have to do it

Seek Professional Assistance

Since it is not safe to handle a raccoon with bare hands, you should seek professional assistance. The professionals are trained and are always equipped with the right equipment. They will handle the raccoon as it should be handled and you will be safe from the risks involved in handling the raccoon on your own. The professionals also clean the whole place and check if there are signs of other raccoons.

What to Wear on Hands When Handling Raccoons

If you do not have professional protective gear, you can use nylon paper which should be wrapped round the hands. The paper can be easily torn, and you will get into contact with the raccoon. The other option is to tightly wrap a piece of cloth on your hands. This works well if you are handling baby raccoons. Once you have used these DIY protective gears, ensure that you thoroughly disinfect your hands to kill any germs. Whatever gear you choose to have, ensure that it fully protects you.

If you are still asking yourself if it is safe to handle a raccoon with bare hands, well it is not. Besides contracting a disease such as rabies, you stand a chance of having a life-threatening injury. Just like other wild animals, the moves of a raccoon are unpredictable which means they can attack you and harm any part of your body. Handling a raccoon with bare hands is not safe.

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