Possible Health Risks Related With Bat Droppings

Lethal diseases have been linked to the bats over the past years. Rabies is probably the most renowned infection related to bats. You can be infected by rabies when an infected bat bit you or if their saliva had a contact with an open wound, eyes, nose or mouth. Certain diseases can also be transmitted through the feces of the bats. Bat droppings which are also called as bat guano can be a thriving ground for bacterial spores which will be released into the air once they are disturbed.

Global Diseases That Are Related with Bat Droppings

Bats can be found in different parts of the US. People infected with certain types of disease related to bat droppings are being prescribed with anti-fungal drugs in order to treat this illness.


This type of ailments highly affects our lungs, but it can also affect our different internal organs. This disease can be deadly if it is left untreated. Histoplasmosis is due to an organism that is found on the soil. Unlike other conditions that are discovered on a particular part of the world, Histoplasmosis can happen in different parts of the world just like rabies. Aside from this, bats have also been discovered as a source of other fevers.

Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever

The Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever is a bat droppings-related disease that is discovered in Africa. According to the statistics, at least 90% suffering from this disease resulted to death. Based on the research, fruit bat can carry this type of disease.

Nipah and Hendra

These are two infectious illnesses that are also linked with the bat droppings. The carrier of the Hendra infection is the orange and apple bats that are found on Australia. The Nipah is also caused by the same species of bats that are located in Southeast Asia. If not treated immediately, these infections can result to a serious neurological and respiratory ailment.

It is essential to stay away from the bat droppings. In case you are passing through a hollow way, it is recommended to bring a lamp to help you identify if there are bats present in the vicinity. If the bats are present in a close proximity, consider moving to an area without any bats. In addition, there are other pests that can be present in the zone where the bats are roosting.

It is not that easy to determine if you are affected with the disease. The infection will target our lungs first, and most of them will not show any symptoms within the first 10 days. There are also infected individuals who reported symptoms similar with the flu virus such as impaired vision, headache, and loss of appetite, shortness of breath, dry cough, chest pain, and fever. There are cases that also reported severe symptoms similar with tuberculosis. This can be fatal if you left it untreated.

Those who are heavy smokers and have a weak immune system are highly at risk to Histoplasmosis. There is also a chance of recurrence if you have been affected by the infection in the past. For proper diagnosis, the doctors will have to perform tissue test.

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