Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work?

With development in technology, new ways of eliminating rodents are coming up. Some people are no longer using traps and bare hands to get rid of rats. Ultrasound pest control devices and electronic rodent repellents are now available in the market. One good thing about these rodent removal methods is that they are environmentally safe. Despite this, these deterrent machines are not effective in eliminating wildlife completely from a home.

Use of Wavelengths and Frequency to Keep Off Rodents

Emission of a series of shorter wavelengths and higher frequency are the reason these devices are considered to be effective. The strong sound waves they emit gives animals pain and discomfort sending them away. The manufacturers claim that once the rodents especially rats experience this kind of discomfort and stress, they will not come back. But does this mean that they are effective in eliminating animals completely? No, they are not. What happens when they are not operating? Won't the rodents find a safe haven again?

They Do Not Work on Their Own

Another problem with these high pitch sound deterrent machines is that they cannot be effective on their own. They just send the animals away but not get rid of them. For them to be effective, they have to be used together with traditional traps. The traps are to catch the animals when they scamper for safety from the deterrent machines.

Rodents Could Get Used

By hearing a salesman narrate how effective the machines are, you would think that it is something that animals cannot get used to. It is easy for rodents such as rats and mice to get used to the high pitch sound deterrent machines. They will run away in the very first days, and in no time, they will get used to the sound, and there will be no more running away.

No Long-Term Benefits

The most important thing about eliminating rodents in any home or building is having long-term benefits. You do not want to fight rodents every other day when your repellents are not working. With these high pitch sound machines, you do not enjoy long-term benefits since the animals will end up coming back to your house.

Waste of Time and Money

Since these machines do not solve the animal issue completely, purchasing and using it becomes a waste of time and resources. Traditional methods are much cheaper and effective.

As a homeowner, you are not supposed to deal with dead animals in your home, but again this does not mean that you should resort to short-term solutions or live the animals to enjoy being in your home. Just because a high pitch sound machine looks technologically advanced does not mean that your conflict with rodents has come to an end. These machines are not as effective as they are said to, and they are only effective on a short-term basis. Ultrasonic pest repellent devices will not get rid of the animals thus you should use traditional methods.

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