How Do Bats Communicate?

Every animal has a way that it communicates with the other and for bats, it is interesting and unique. The communication is diverse since it depends on the species. They basically communicate using screeches, high-frequency chirps that are too high for any human to hear and songs. This is mainly due to the fact that they are nearly blind. The frequencies are at 100,000 waves per second which is quite high.

Bat Communication is Diverse

This is quite true, and only scientists and biologists have been able to figure this out. It is just like how humans can use signs and language that others do not understand. What makes bat communication diverse is that this may vary from one bat to the other, from one bat colony to the other and also from species to species.

Different Modes of Passing the Message

Bats have a way that they alert others there is danger which is different from male mating calls. These sounds are different from the ones made by a mother looking for the pups, communicating with a male or female and when males are marking their territories.

They Use Echolocation

Echolocation is the mode of communication that bats have with the environment. If bats are not nearly blind, then they are totally blind that is the reason they use this mode of communication. They make high frequency sounds with their noses and mouth which they intercept with their ears once it comes back. The echo comes from the objects near them which they gather information from them.

How Does Echolocation Help the Bats?

With this kind of communication they locate the obstacles on their way precisely, they know the shape and the size thus navigating well. They stay away from predators, it detects food thus it can eat while flying and calculates the distance it is supposed to move precisely.

Males Sing to Attract Females

For male to attract females, they emit high-frequency sounds that are soothing to the female who end up falling for the trap. While the tone in the sounds is soft, it is aggressive when marking their territory. On the latter, it tends to be fierce.

The High-Frequency Sounds of Bats

Bats emit very high sound frequencies that can barely be heard by human and that is one reason they are considered to have some of the most intricate and complex mode of communication. This is to a point that a special professional gear is used to record these sounds. These ultrasonic sounds have frequencies of over 100,000 waves per second. The human ear can only hear a maximum frequency of 20,000 waves per second.

Communication with their biological sonar, the life of a bat is quite interesting. Besides the communication with other bats, it perfectly communicates with the environment. Even while moving, it calculates the distance to fly, the speed and the degrees without making a single mistake. It locates its food and relies on echolocation to communicate with the environment.

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