How Do I Clean Squirrel Feces out of My Attic?

Squirrels are fuzzy little creatures. You cannot hate their tiny curious faces munching down things holding from their paws. However, if you have ever been on the receiving end of an attic invasion by squirrels, you know how difficult it is to clean their feces and urine along with their lingering odor. Having squirrel feces around the house can lead to salmonella infections, which can be quite risky especially for small children. Usually the best thing would be to hire a professional to ensure a thorough cleaning, however, let us give you a quick guide to safely clean squirrel faces out of your attic to once and for all.

Prepare Yourself

Before you go cleaning any organic substance such as feces and urine of an animal, you always need to make sure that you are safe from catching any health issues that can be transmitted through them. Wear a pair of boots and impenetrable gloves such as leather or latex. The lesser your skin will be exposed to the environment the better. Have a powerful disinfectant ready with you. For a more extensive cleaning, use a mixture of bleach and water. Have some paper towels ready with a broom, a few bags and a good supply of water. A steam cleaner will make for an extra protection and cleaning.

Clean the Surfaces

Start by scooping up visible feces from all the surfaces with the use of a few paper towels or a broom. Put them all in one bag in order to safely dispose of them later. Then use generous amounts of water to clean all the excess from the floor and the other surfaces. After an initial basic cleaning, you can use the bleach and water mix for a more extensive cleaning. Do not forget to scrub and rub the surfaces to get any invisible feces and urine traces out since they might cause health issues especially if you have small children in the house.

Disinfect the Area

Use generous amounts of disinfecting solution to completely disinfect the area. If you have any curtains or surfaces covered with cloths, wash them well in hot water. Use a steam cleaner to fully protect the surfaces from any existing bacteria and germs. It is important that you completely clean your attic from any smells and residue left since they can attract further attacks. Make sure you do not miss any cavities or hidden surfaces. You will need to continue to keep the cleanliness of your attic. Cover any places they can get in, and make it a habit to regularly check and clean your attic.

Clean Yourself

Take off your gloves and other clothing items and put them through a thorough washing as well. Wash your hands and body with anti-bacterial soap and warm water to get rid of any residue you may have gathered. Use some rubbing alcohol on any exposed areas of your skin to be safer.

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