How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

Generally, the raccoons cannot be considered as wildlife species, they can mostly be found in suburban areas and cities than the natural and underdeveloped areas. This means that it is pretty normal to encounter a raccoon that is invading your home. They are fast, curious and smart animal which makes it difficult to drive them away. Despite of their likeable appearance, they can bite if they feel threatened. They can carry and transmit parasites and rabies which is why it is important to keep them at bay.

Effective Ways to Keep the Raccoons Away From Your Property

Usually, it is almost impossible to keep the raccoons out of our property. By learning about their habit and the things that scares them, we will be able to prevent them from accessing our property.

Sound and Light

Raccoons are considered as a nocturnal animal, this means that they love to hide in the darkness while they are looking for their food. If you want to discourage them from going to your property, you may install blinding lights and play loud sounds. Introducing a porch light will be enough to scare this creature away. Floodlights (preferably the motion-activated) will startle them and prevent them from scavenging in your garbage can. Normally, raccoons do not like the idea of encountering human; you may set-up a radio near the garbage can or other spots that the creature loves to visit.

Raccoon Repellents

There are different methods that you can use to discourage the visit of the raccoons. One popular method is the use of repellent. Some of the most common type of repellents includes bleach, ammonia, human hair, and mothball. Unfortunately, according to most experts, it is quite difficult to find a repellent that works. Mothballs can simply be pushed away to negate its effect and spray repellent that contains strong scent will fade in just a few hours. In case the raccoon has some babies, you may try to use eviction spray.

Eliminating their Food Source

Raccoons are omnivore specie, which means that they can ingest different type of foods. In most cases, their standard meal will include small birds and mammals, eggs, fish, amphibians, insects, worms, nuts, and fruits. On the off chance that your house has a huge amount of food supply, they will choose to invade you home rather than spend hours in hunting for food. Make sure that your trashcans and compost pit are properly covered. You should also clean your bird feeders on a regular basis. Avoid leaving pet foods out in the open.

Finally, installing a rigid fence will keep the raccoons out of our property. Some people choose the electrified fencing, but prison-grade fencing can do the trick. This way, you will not need to activate your fence all the time, unlike electrified fencing. In addition, electrified fencing can expose you to the risk of being electrocuted. Prison-grade fencing can mitigate the damage that the raccoon can do to your yard and prevent them from invading your house.

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