How to Keep Raccoons Out from Under a Shed or Porch

Raccoons look very attractive such that you can even think of keeping them as pets in your house. Although they have an attractive nature, their destructive activities and bad manners can make you to poison them the moment they invade your house. Besides destroying your valuable things, they carry disease-causing germs and parasites which means they can lead to disease outbreak in your house if they are not controlled early enough. You need to ensure that you have the appropriate measures to keep them away from your house. Although their size is big, they are known to penetrate any opening of size 4 inches to six inches.

Making a Good Fence to Cover Your Shed

1. Dig a trench that is at least six inches deep and 12 inches wide around your shed. Before you burry the wire mesh in the trench, bend it such that it looks like an ‘’L’’. Insert this ‘’L’’ shaped bottom in the trench such that it stands upright. This is to prevent any digging raccoons from coming to your shed.

2. Make sure that the fence extends to the top roof where you will secure it with a hard material. To enhance the effectiveness of the mesh, make sure that you overlap with another fence for at least one foot. Securing the fence at the top should be done appropriately so as not to create any loophole that the raccoon can use to penetrate the shade.

3. Make sure that you cover the bottom of the fence with soil such that no raccoon will be able to penetrate easily. If the openings of your fence are wide, raccoons could end up penetrating through, and the fence will be useless. Make sure that it prevents all the sizes of raccoons, not just the big ones alone.

Setting Traps around the Fence

Even after you have built the fence, you should ensure that you supplement it with traps such that when the raccoons try to penetrate your fence, you will easily catch them and dispose them far away from your shed. The shed is liked by most of these animals because they know it is a safe place where they shelter. Even if there is no food, they can shelter there during the night and go somewhere to look for food. Another way is by removing all the food stuffs and things that they like from your shed so that you don’t attract them.

The bottom line is that Raccoons are easy to prevent if you set the most appropriate measures. Don’t wait until they have inhabited your shed, you might not be able to prevent them because they reproduce and become many within months. Clean your shed appropriately and ensure that there are no any hiding places where they can come and stay. Don’t use poison to kill them because this could end up affecting your family members who like using the shed at all times.

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