How to Use a One-way Funnel to Get Squirrels Out of a Building

A one-way funnel is a very effective method of squirrel exclusion if it is made appropriately and installed in the right place where the squirrel normally likes visiting. The idea of using the funnel is that the squirrel will enter the funnel and exit out of the house through the funnel’s exit never to come back again. One way funnels should be supplemented with food to ensure that the squirrel gets trapped in the funnel opening and make the squirrel to leave the house through the funnel exit.

Buy a Robust Wire Mesh That Is of Sufficient Length

An ideal funnel should have an exit of half an inch or slightly bigger, and its opening should be around 8 inches. A more precise and effective funnel can be made if one knows the size of the squirrel he or she is dealing with. When you make the funnel, role it nicely in a funnel-like shape, the exit should have wires that angle inwards such that when the squirrel squeezes its way out, it will not be able to get back to the funnel. This will make the squirrel to push its way out and never to access the funnel again.

Knowing Where to Place the Funnel

Funnels are not like chemicals that spread all over the place. This means funnels need to be placed at an appropriate position where the squirrels can easily get access to them. Look for the areas where you see a lot of damage and place your funnel there. You should also consider the place where the squirrel will be after exiting the funnel, will it be outside the house or within the house? Your funnel should, by all means, lead the squirrel out of the house to prevent it from damaging things in the house.

Secure the Funnel Using Hard Attachments

If you are dealing with big squirrels, they might escape with the funnel itself. Make sure that you secure it in place using strong attachments. When the funnel is weak at its exit, which happens in most cases if the wire used is weak, the squirrel will find its way back to the funnel again, and this will make it access the house. Make the exit with sharp inward curving wires so that when it tries to get inside, it gets hurt and it gives up. To increase the preciseness of the funnel, you should place food inside them so that you lead the squirrel inside the funnel.

To conclude, one-way funnels work effectively when used in the right place and made appropriately. Depending on the nature of your place, you should create a strong and effective funnel that will lead the squirrel out of your home. You can ask for experts to design the funnel for you so that it fits your place and facilitate the removal of the squirrel from your place. Practice other squirrel elimination methods as well as so that you increasing the rate of eliminating these creatures away from your home.

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