What Are Some Humane Ways to Kill a Raccoon in a Cage?

A raccoon can grow to reach the size of a cat which means killing it requires a good plan. In some countries, killing a raccoon is not legally accepted since it is regarded as wildlife destruction act. In the countries where killing of raccoons is prohibited, people are advised to trap the raccoon in a cage and then transport it somewhere far from their home to go and dispose it alive. If you have already trapped the raccoon and you want to kill it, below are some of the ways to kill a raccoon.

1. Shooting

When it comes to shooting, you can use a gun or an arrow. Make sure that you shoot it on a perfect place where it will not suffer a lot. Shoot the part that will give it a quick death. The best place to shoot is the head, the chest where the heart is located or the stomach.

2. Grip Traps

A grip trap is a kind of a trap that makes the raccoon to get squeezed in a place to a point that it would not be able to breathe perfectly. When it is removed from the trap early enough, it might end up living so you must ensure that you leave it for a long duration for it to die. Grip traps need to be secured to avoid being carried away by the raccoon.

3. Knife or Sword

This is direct killing of the raccoon through slaughtering it. Make sure that your knife is sharp enough to provide quick cutting otherwise you might end up struggling. Avoid putting your hand near its mouth when slaughtering it because it might end up biting you. Slaughter it somewhere far from your home because a big raccoon always has a lot of blood.

4. Poisoning

When you poison the raccoon, it will die in the cage and you will still need to dispose it. Make sure that you wear gloves and protective clothing to avoid coming into contact with the poison or body fluids of the poisoned raccoon. Select a poison that is going to instantly kill the raccoon instead of making it to suffer long that expected.

5. Drowning the Raccoon

If you are living near a water source like a river, sea, ocean or lake, you can drown the raccoon. Don’t release it from its cage if you want to drown it because it can cut you with its claws when you did it in water. You can as well strangle it using a rope, but you must be careful to avoid yourself from being bitten by the raccoon.

The bottom line is that you can kill a raccoon using many ways depending on which method is convenient for you. Regardless of which method you use to kill it, make sure that you burry it at a place far from your home to avoid the decaying smell of the raccoon from polluting your environmental air.

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