How to Keep Squirrels Out Of Your House

Squirrels often want to build their nests in attics of the house since these places are viewed as safe and secure. An attic is warm, and it is not accessible to the predators that can harm the squirrels. However, squirrels are a nuisance in your home since they are noisy. They can disturb your peace of mind with their noise hence the need to keep them away from your house. Squirrels also have a tendency to bite things such as electric cables as well as wood. In other words, the squirrels can damage your house and can even cause electrical faults which can lead to fire. This will pose danger to you and your family, and this is the other reason why effort should be made to make sure that squirrels stay away from your house. Squirrels can also cause diseases that are spread by other rodents like rates.

Squirrels are likely to pose danger in your home, therefore, they need to be kept away. In order to keep the squirrels away from your house, it is imperative that you constantly inspect the roof for any openings that may lead to the attic. When there are any openings on the roof, you should make sure that you close them so that they are not accessed by the squirrels. When the squirrels have already made their way into the attic, try to trap them in a humane way without harming them. When you have trapped them, make sure you close all gaps that lead into the attic so that the squirrels do not return. The ceiling should also be maintained in good condition so that the squirrels will fail to gain entry into the attic.

The other method that can be used to keep the squirrels away from your house is to soak cotton in vinegar then throw it into the attic. It is believed that vinegar produces a bad smell that is detested by the squirrels. The squirrels will go away as a result of the persistence of this smell that is not good to them. When they leave, you can then seal all the entrances to the attic so that the squirrels will not return to your house.

The other method you can use to keep squirrels off your house is to scare them. You can do this by knocking the ceiling with a broom stick when you hear the movement of squirrels up there. Alternatively, you can play loud music overnight since this will result in the squirrels running away. These rodents are scared of noise, therefore, they will not stay in a place that is noisy. The other method that can be implemented to keep the squirrels away from your home is to trap and then place them in a distant place from your house. You also need to destroy their habitat when you have safely removed them from your attic.

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