What are Some Ways to Kill a Raccoon in the Yard?

Raccoons are common pests in urban areas. They are smart and versatile creatures that can adapt well in highly populated areas. Being omnivorous, they don’t care what they eat. They will eat anything they can find in your dumpster as long as it is edible.

They are often seen as smart and curious. They are also irritating, especially when they go inside your yard and dig into your trash. And because raccoons are nocturnal animals, it is hard to catch them in the act. That’s why you are looking for ways to kill the raccoon in the yard.

Finding ways to kill the raccoon in the yard might be your first reaction to the problem. However, there are some issues that might arise from such action. That’s why it might be more practical not to kill the raccoon, but instead, contact a wildlife removal company to handle the problem for you. If you really want to kill the raccoon, then below are the ways to do so. Choosing the right method is essential, especially when you are dealing with a rabid raccoon.


Poison is the most popular method of killing a raccoon. While it is effective, it will cause more problems and damages. Raccoon are most likely to look for a place to hide, where it will suffer a painful death after consuming poison. It is hard to find the animal carcass after it dies, and the smell can be very pungent. It can invade your home or any nearby property. The smell of the dead raccoon can also attract other pests.

Shoot the Raccoon

If you are not an expert marksman, then you should not consider shooting a raccoon. It is a fast animal that only goes out at night. These conditions will make it hard to shoot. If you managed to wound it, then you will have a bigger threat than a healthy raccoon. The injured raccoon will spread blood. Most of the diseases that can be transmitted by the animal are transmitted by its blood. Instead of just dealing with a pest, you will also have to face health issues.

Setting up Lethal Traps

There are various traps on the market designed to kill raccoon. The downside of these traps is that they are difficult to set up. Lethal traps were made for trappers who hunt raccoons for their fur. You should take extra care when using traps because you might catch the wrong animals, or injure yourself in the process.

Alternatives to Killing a Raccoon in the Yard

Instead of trying to kill the raccoon, there are several alternatives that you can choose from. Killing raccoons on your own can be messy. Plus, you need to clean the carcass, which can be smelly. One of the best alternatives is live trapping because it lowers the risks of spreading diseases by a dying or dead raccoon.

Another option is to employ the services of a wildlife removal company. They know the most effective way of getting rid of the raccoon in the yard.

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