Is It Legal For Me To Trap A Raccoon?

Many houses suffer from raccoon visits every once in a while. This may be caused by open entry holes in your house that you haven’t treat properly or by the garbage outside your house that lure the raccoons in. In every case, you have to know which the things that you are allowed to do are and which are not permitted. There are some states that do not allow you to kill raccoons and others that killing is right, under certain circumstances.

Places Where It Is Not Legal

Washington strictly forbids all the killing of the non-commensal animals, meaning the animals that do not actually need humans in order to survive. You can trap a raccoon in order to lead it outside your house, but you must be sure that the trap doesn’t actually injure the animal.

Toronto in Canada also allows you to trap a wild animal but doesn’t allow you to release it in any other location. This means that you must take it to a veterinarian in order for him to kill it. However, most doctors do not accept people that carry raccoons. So, your options are very limited when it comes to animal control in Toronto.

Course of Action

The best things you can do if you spot a wild animal inside your house is first call an animal control office and ask them about the things you can do in order to get it out of your house. Just to be safe and sure, make sure you don’t wound it or kill it beforehand. You have to be patient until the experts can further inform you on the subject.

License to Kill

In most of the US states, it is actually permitted to hunt, trap and kill all the furry wild animals. Of course in order to do that you must have a special license. After you receive your license, you have to read carefully the regulations in order to know exactly what you can and can’t do.

If you do not read the regulations and you do, something wrong then you might end up paying an extreme fine.

Continuous Hunting

There are some states that are actually allowing you to hunt such animals all year long. Always with your current license you can hunt down raccoons all year long, and trap them if they are spotted inside your house.
In some states, it is also legal to kill a raccoon if it is inside your house, without any specific license. Just make sure the traps are safely stored in a place your pets or your children are not allowed in.
Raccoons are often carrying many dangerous diseases, and if you kill them inside your house, you are risking of infecting your whole family. The best way to do it is by asking the experts, and they will let you know.
Alternatively, if you don’t know what to do, there are many professionals that can help you out.

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