Understand the Life of Squirrels and Their Habits

Squirrels are slender animals with bushy tails, and they belong to the taxonomy family called Sciuridae. They are funny creatures known for their acrobatic movements and noise making nature. The average length of a squirrel is between 7-10 centimeters depending on the age of the animal. A normal squirrel weighs 10 grams, but the giant flying squirrel is known to have between 6 to 8 kilograms. Colors differ from species to species, and they have a complicated color that it is hard to describe.

Life of a Squirrel and Its Diet

They are known to live in any tropical forest or a place where there are trees to jump from one place to another. They only avoid the Polar Regions where the weather is not that good for their natural survival. The limbs are longer than the forelimbs, and they have four toes on every claw. They climb and come down a tree by rotating their claws 180 degrees so that they get maximum grip for support. They are herbivorous animals, so they like eating veggies, fruits, and seeds that are still in the farm or garden. Their eyes have the ability to detect things from far which is why they survive from the wrath of their predators always.

Behavior of the Squirrels

They breed twice a year, and they give birth to several young ones after three to six weeks after mating. The young ones are normally blind, naked and toothless, so the mother takes care of them while the father goes out to look for food for the young ones and the female who is taking care of the young ones. All flying squirrels are nocturnal which means they only fly at night and make a lot of noise. They are hard to eliminate because they only jump from tree to tree and not in homes.

Diet and Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, squirrels cannot digest cellulose, so they need to rely on readymade carbohydrates, vitamins, and proteins for growth. This is why they like eating grains. Vegetables and cereals which are near them. When hunger becomes too much, the squirrels end up eating any meat they find. They can hunt as a group or separately because different squirrels have different plans and actions. If they are many, like 20 of them, they can attack even a chicken and kill it as a group.

The average lifespan of a squirrel ranges from 6-15 years. The more it grows, the bigger it becomes, but it comes a point where it does not undergo any physical growth like increase in weight and height. Squirrels are hated by many people due to their naughty behavior and destructive manners. Under good conditions, these creatures grow fast, and they reproduce quickly making the place to be filled with squirrels. People have developed ways to eliminate these creatures before they start causing damage in the house. You cannot easily kill them because they know how jump from one place to another thereby confusing the hunter.

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