Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Bats

You may have used to photos of bats that are hanging from a tree or any other spot. This isn’t their normal way of going to sleep or get some rest. They will often use some tight gaps in order to be able to hide properly. This is why; human structures can attract very often some persistent bats.

Bats will choose some boards, eaves, and vents as their home base. These spots are warm and dry so they can be the perfect place for bats. They do not usually hang from trees as you may believe until this time.

Bat Prevention

If you find some bats in a place near your house, it is highly advisable to try and scare them away for your own and your family’s protection. Before you start using some bat repellents, you have to know that there is no complete effective way to do it. The most advertised one is perhaps the mothballs and the ammonia.

Mothballs and Ammonia

Mothballs are not an efficient way to repel the bats. You can find many articles that will tell you to acquire some mothballs and repel the bats that live near your house. However, the experts and professionals state that mothballs have not practical use. Mothballs have been advertised for any possible problem that you may face.

Raccoons, bats or squirrels, some people believe that mothballs are the ultimate answer to every possible problem. The process most of the times are that the homeowner will get some mothballs in order to try it out and when this attempt fails, then you will have to acquire a professional to help you out.

Ultrasonic Sound Devices

Another possible solution to your problem is the ultrasound devices that are also advertised by many professionals. These devices are also insufficient as the time has already proven. It is a cheap solution that attracts many homeowners and end up spending more as they try to use many different methods over the course of time. You can find many online articles that tell the truth about these useless devices.

If you still believe that these methods can actually help you, you can always acquire some mothballs or an ultrasound device. There will not be long until you realize that they were actually a complete waste of time and money.

Professional Help

If you have spotted at least one bat near your house that is constantly there, then you better waste no more time. Ask for a professional help and save some money and time. You don’t have to spend much when you want to repel some bats from outside or inside your house.

The professional will help you and let you know if there is anything additional that you might have missed from your search. A professional will be able to know if there are some extra bats that you haven’t spotted yet. If you have some female bats that have made their babies near you, then a different treatment is required.

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