Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Rats?

Mothballs are mixture of deodorants and pesticides that is compressed to create a small, vaporous ball. It has an amazing power in keeping the cockroach and moths away. Unfortunately, it does not have the same power to stop larger pests such as rats. You may think that the vapor that it released is toxic. Nonetheless, the toxic substance inflicts more damage to our system that to the rodents. Getting rid of the rats will prove to be a struggle once they determine that a certain territory is appropriate for them. Their instinct will tell them not to leave that place unless it is necessary. Going beyond their territory will mean that they can be exposed to the predators.

Mothballs and Ammonia against Rats

Mothballs have a powerful scent; however, it is not powerful enough to drive away the rats. Rat problem is a disturbing and complex problem for the homeowners. Majority of the population consider them as a nuisance due to some evident reasons. They can chew almost anything which damages our walls, insulations, electrical wiring and personal belongings. Aside from that, they are also potential carrier of diseases which is why it is always recommended to get rid of this pest as soon as you discover them. Perhaps you are thinking of the easier way to deal with your rat infestation problem. There are various rat repellents that are being sold in the market, and their claims are often baseless. You need to be aware that most of these repellents are not effective.

Perhaps the best way to get rid of your rat problem is to trap and relocate them. After successfully trapping these rats, you should proceed in sealing all the possible entry points and holes. Minimizing the activity of the rat means that you have to impede their access to your property.


Ammonia can release odor that is unbearable to human. Some people believe that the strong scent will force the rats to leave your property. Nevertheless, this concept has no basis. This fouls stench will not encourage the rat to leave their home and exposed themselves to the predators outside. Avoid using this product since it will not produce the result that you are looking for.


Mothballs are traditionally used for storing items and clothes. This can keep them protected from the damages that can be caused by moths. Occasionally, there will be people who will use them to repel the rats. In truth, the mothballs do not contain any elements that can keep the rats at bay. In addition, the mothballs can also pose damage to your kids and pets. They can accidentally swallow the mothballs which can create a bigger problem. Never depend on the mothballs if you are planning to get rid of the rats.

If you are really committed in getting rid of the rats in your property, you should ask the help of the professionals. They have the equipment and the skills that allow them to trap the rats and relocate them to a distant place.

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