Do Mothballs or Ammonia Help Repel Squirrels?

When it comes to establishing their territory, the squirrels are known to be persistent. Mother squirrels will build their nest in a safe area, and after delivering their litter, it will be difficult for you to remove them. To safely remove the squirrels dwelling in your attic, some people may choose to purchase items that emanate strong odors such as ammonia and mothballs. Unfortunately, study shows that wildlife species can quickly adapt on this deterrent. Most of the time, repellent that has a strong stench does not work. You should never waste your time and money in using product that does not give you a positive result.

Mothballs and Ammonia Do Not Work

Several companies are offering products that aim to drive away squirrels. Most of them contain nathaline either in crystalline or liquid form. Application of the product will normally involve spraying or scattering the product on the area frequented by the squirrels. There are times that they may work. However, since they are based on a chemical that quickly evaporates, they will eventually reduce their efficacy on a limited amount of time. Their potency will severely be affected once you decide to apply it outdoors since heavy dew and rain can increase its evaporation rate.

Save Your Money

Rather than spending your money in buying mothballs and ammonia, save the money and choose the more effective way to drive away these species such as hiring professional wildlife removal service. Squirrels are known to be resourceful and smart. In case you deployed the repellent in a particular area, there is a tendency that the squirrel will only avoid it for a limited time or they may choose to transfer on the other parts of your house. Remember that squirrels are omnivores and they can easily adjust their diet on different sources.

Avoid Buying Commercial Repellent

There are lots of commercially produced repellent that contains heavy chemicals. Their potency is simply based on the toxic and strong odor that they emit. Unfortunately, the human can also inhale them and affect their respiratory wellness. In most cases, a certain dose can also prove to be lethal to their household pet. This may lead to even greater problem than a squirrel infestation.

Physical Removal

In case you are experiencing a severe wildlife infestation, there are different things you can do apart from wasting your money on products such as ammonia and mothballs that do not work. Physical removal is a safer and humane method of getting rid of the squirrels. However, squirrels can carry pathogens and parasites such as lice, ticks, mites and fleas that might jump into you or your pets. There is also a possibility that they can transmit diseases such as tularaemia and ringworm. In order to avoid this possibility, we recommend you to seek the help of the expert. They have the right equipment and skills to effectively handle your problem.

Some people wait for the squirrels to inflict a serious damage on their house before they decided to act on it. As soon as you discover that your house is under attack, never waste your time and hire the expert immediately to completely remove the squirrels in your house.

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