What Should I Do If I find a Nest of Squirrels in the Attic?

Squirrels particularly mothers that are about to give birth prefer to build their nests in an attic. Whist an attic is a secure place for a squirrel to build its nest; this may not bode well with the people living inside the house. Squirrels tend to disturb peace of mind with their noise hence effort should be made to remove them. In the event that you discover a nest of squirrels in the attic of your home, take decisive measures to remove them without causing any harm.

Destroy the Nest

You need to check the contents of the nest in case there are babies that are still not able to move on their own. These babies can be safely removed together with the nest to a place where it can be accessed by the mother. Alternatively, you can destroy the nest if you realize that there are no babies inside. By destroying the habitat, you are chasing away the squirrels since they will try to look for other alternative places where they can build their nests.

Scare It Away If You Cannot Trap It

If you discover that the squirrels keep on returning to your attic even after destroying their nest, try other means of scaring them away. For instance, you can knock on the ceiling with a broom stick, and the squirrels are likely to run away to safe places. The other method that can be used is to play loud music for a long period. The squirrels are likely to move out since they are not comfortable with noise. The other method that can be used to scare the squirrels of your attic is to put bright light inside. Usually, squirrels prefer to build their nests in the attic because this place is dark even during daytime. Therefore, if you put bright light in the attic, the squirrels will move out since they are not used to it. They prefer peaceful environments that are dark.

Alternatively, you can place soaked cotton balls with cider vinegar in the attic. This will result in the squirrels moving out to other places since they do not like the smell produced by cider vinegar. This is another safe method of removing the squirrels from your attic since they will find alternative habitat on their own. If this method is constantly repeated, the squirrels may not come back.

Seal All the Openings on the Roof

When you have managed to remove all the squirrels inside your attic, you can then seal all the openings to this place. As long as there are openings to the attic of your house, there are high chances that the squirrels will come back. Therefore, it is wise to repair the roof such that all the openings are completely sealed. It is also wise to seal the openings with material that is not easily destroyed by the squirrels since they have a tendency to bite off wood and plastic material.

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